Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-21 You Lost Or What

2021-10-21T11:08:00Z Back editing taiwan stuff. Added RoadsLib.cfg from root master location using symlink.

Fixed latitude / longitude coordinates where lon was negative, putting it to US west coast hehe.

2021-10-28 Ten Hour Project

2021-10-28T01:30:00Z Back to taipei editing, kind of. WRP in the addon dir was already with several million objects, so I just pboProject binarized it for in-game use (meaning started to...).

Class names{} had several question mark characters so investigated that and gee whiz, of course pmc_names.hpp was not UTF-8, heh that was a easy fix Smiley :)

Finally pboProject finished... ten (10) hours later! Smiley :o

*** pmc taiwan_taipei
Start time: 2021-10-28T0125
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data_layers_08
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data_layers_07
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data_layers_06
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data_layers_05
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data_layers_04
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data_layers_03
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data_layers_02
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data_layers_01
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data_layers_00
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data_layers
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_data
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei_cfg
pboproject pmc_taiwan_taipei
End time: 2021-10-28T1140

There is something seriously wrong with taiwan taipei terrain builder project as pboProject takes insane amount of time to binarize it.

2021-10-28T15:48:00Z Checked it in-game and ... no objects show up and the class names{} config fix I did, was not there, I mean there was still ? question mark characters in location names.

Loaded the project up with terrain builder... except it didn't load, it was in the loading "mode" for eternity, did not clock it but it was over 15min for sure. Decided to kill the task in task manager but waited few more minutes just in case. Huge project with 8 million objects does NOT load this long.

2021-10-28T16:45:00Z Started global mapper, plan is to export OSM area shapes in 4 x 4 grid tiles so we can get smaller object layers for terrain builder. First exported cropped_areas.shp, then loaded it up and did the usual UTM 31N transformation.

OSM areas in global mapper.

PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Screenshot

When exporting 4 x 4 grid tiles it did not save A1 for me, because it was ocean and had no OSM data, that is very nice, no data no export.

Here are the terrain processor generated forest object counts. A3 1.019 million, A4 202k, B1 8.8k, B2 539k, B3 646k, B4 1.611 million, C1 345k, C2 1.058 million, C4 1.582 million, D1 1.333 million, D4 340k, D2 1.619 million, C3 1.622 million, D3 1.778 million.

2021-10-28T17:26:00Z Checked terrain builder and it is still loading taiwan taipei project, oh yeah she's dead, time to remove the rotting corpse... by task manager ending the task.

Looking terrain builder in task manager, it does vary on CPU usage about 3-4.5 % and memory usage is fluctuating, so it appears to be doing something... but that is a moot point, nothing takes this long and I have new object import LBT files coming so its killin' time.

Then went to \Source\TerrainBuilder\pmc_taiwan_taipei.Layers directory and deleted LBT_Forest_001.tv4l file which was 323mb size.

Started terrain builder and loaded taiwan taipei project, it did load quite slow but came up after about... ugh didn't time it but felt like minute or no more than two.

2021-10-28T17:35:00Z Started importing those 4 x 4 grid tile OSM shape areas terrain processor LBT import files (mouthful). Total of 15 files. I really like how few objects there are on each of those, none of them have more than 2 million so if this doesn't work with terrain builder object count wise, then dunno what to do other than to reduce hectare density a great deal in terrain processor which results into shit looking sparse forests.

Once finished I exported WRP and it got 13,743,136 objects, then saved project and all went OK.

2021-10-28T18:17:00Z Started to pboProject binarize WRP addon, now its interesting to see if it still takes 10 hours.

2021-10-28T18:47:00Z Finished, whohoo! Smiley :D

Checked it in-game and forest looks nice, ok roads for some reason are still dirt/gravel but ignore that for now.

PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Screenshot

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