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2021-10-13 Terrain Builder Editing

2021-10-13T05:43:00Z New editing day has started. Took a few days off from taiwan taipei editing because was working on other PMC taiwan terains and for example yesterday I did not edit any terrains as it was PHP + MySQL learning day. But now here we are and plan is to get stuff done so we get to test and eventually release these taiwanese terrains.

Didn't read the above text few 9th (edit: few? what does few 9th mean? haha) but what I recall is that taipei is ready for binarization but it doesn't have objects yet and coastline heightmap has not been smoothed out. Now I'm going to create terrain processor OSM shape file setup to generate some vegetation.

2021-10-13T06:31:00Z Copied Terrain Builder Template Libraries into source\TemplateLibs\ dir, copied basic Terrain Processor TPP Templates files into TerrainProcessor dir and configured Smooth_Roads.tpp, then ran it. Next imported this new heightmap into terrain builder.

Got A3_Stratis_Forest_Sparse.tpp project working using obj_forest.shp shape file, in usual manner ran it through with hectare density 1 to see if it works, well initially it didn't as I have "obj_foerst.shp" typo in there and terrain processor got crashing before I found the bug. When ran it generated 759k objects which is huge amount for hectare density 1, we can multiply that each time we increase density, so density 20 would be 15 million objects already, whoah that is crazy... man those shapes are indeed huge then.

On quick calculation to aim for less than 10 million objects, for now, we can only use hectare density of 13, ouch. So proceeded to run that next.

Used hectare density 13 for trees, 10 for bushes and rocks, this generated 8.394 million objects. Going to import those to terrain builder now even though I know these objects look extremely sparse, but we'll see what to do about the density lateron, most likely shapes need to be split into multiple shapes so the terrain processor generated LBT fils can be smaller, smaller terrain builder object layers. I recall there was some issue with terrain builder trying to import more than 10 million objects per object layer.

2021-10-13T07:26:00Z Started to pboProject binarize (PMC Editing Wiki: search "binarize"). Was odd that my example pboproject bat file was out of date, it had -w=p:\ parameter which is not supported anymore, hmm wonder where I got this bat file from, oh well fixed it and pboProject is happily running now.

2021-10-13T07:52:00Z Did some small edits to real world data tool pipeline, pboProject bat file for this and another taiwan terrain, upgraded it to more fancier setup with those updated command line parameters, then it was just boring waiting.

I wanted to edit something else on the side as my day only has 17hrs of good editing time and it is wasted if I just watch pboProject screen while its binarizing terrain for over an hour...

While pboProject was binarizing I did some work for PMC Taiwan Chiayi terrain, cooked food and ate. This binarize did take a long time.

2021-10-13T13:11:00Z pboProject is still binarizing, this is crazy its now been what, five (5) hours of binarizing! Smiley :o

Checked windows task manager and binarize_x64.exe is processing as memory usage is slowly increasing, so its not stalled/frozen like what can happen with too rough heightmaps, but man it does take forever. I am surely going to do other 81.9km terrains overnight when I go to sleep, there is no point sitting and waiting for this long time.

I mean I'm 99% sure its not frozen, this is just crazy large terrain with satellite texture/mask and 8.3 million objects, this is big boy country we aren't binarizing little girlie men terrain in five minutes Smiley ;)

2021-10-13T16:46:00Z pboProject still binarizing hehe. I see from task manager that CPU usage goes up and down every few moments and I can also hear CPU fan speeding up at those times, so binarize is definitely doing something, I believe its the 8.3 million P3D objects that are being binarized.

I took a long nap today so my sleeping schedule is off the whack, I am dead tired right now and don't even know if I should go to sleep or is this just the usual "been up 12hrs yawns". But I'm bored to death waiting for binarize to finish so decided to go to sleep. Cant wait for tomorrow to see if binarize finally finished.

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