PMC ArmA 3 Campaigns

2021-08-30T10:51:00Z Updated

This page is work in progress, sorry about that. Campaigns listed here are also work in progress, what you can download is not considered a finished product. See above UTC time stamp note about update status.

PMC Aqua Lima

Previously known as "PMC Unnamed Tank Campaign" on ArmA 1 Sahrani terrain.

PMC Brave Hammer

Goto PMC Brave Hammer page.

PMC Dirty Raven

Previously known as "PMC Unnamed Helo Campaign" on ArmA 1 Sahrani terrain.

PMC Distant Freedom

High Command campaign on PMC 51km Desert terrain. Chain of Command: Command Engine X (CEX) campaign for ArmA 1, now ported to ArmA 3.

PMC Dynamic CE

High Command campaign on PMC Rattler terrain. OFP Chain of Command: Command Engine campaign. PMC Dynamic Command Engine Campaign.

PMC Dynamic CE 51km

Same as PMC Dynamic CE but on larger PMC 51km Desert terrain.

PMC First Fight

Standard infantry campaign in Sahrani terrain.

PMC Guerrilla Bastard

ArmA 3 Campaign PMC Guerrilla Bastard dynamic random saveStatus weaponPool campaign. Guerrilla / insurgent player squad against everybody. BLUFOR vs OPFOR fight in various terrains using random locations and objectives. Objective status are saved between missions, if BLUFOR holds obj1 and OPFOR holds obj2, this is how the next mission begins then too.

PMC Heros Path

World War III in PMC Rugen! In PMC Heros Path, you guide six different US Army soldiers and pilots through 34 unrelenting WWIII missions on a huge island map (Rugen). Legendary storyline briefings written by ElvisDog.

PMC Joint Justice

OFP campaign originally made with JAM weapons and ammo (dispersion yeah!).

PMC Powder Bat

Goto PMC Powder Bat Campaign for ArmA 3 official homepage.

PMC Ranger Path

Legendary OFP bas Rangers/Delta Blackhawks fast roping campaign.

PMC Realwar 1

PMC Real War campaign on PMC 51km Desert terrain using RACS desert units for players side and BLUFOR vs OPFOR otherwise.

PMC Silent Bat

High Command Campaign, ported from CoC Command Engine X (CEX) ArmA 1 campaign. This is the first CoC Command Engine X (CEX) campaign. It includes 28 straight out combat missions as commanding officer. Your have various troops under your command like basic infantry, spec ops, black hawks and tanks.

PMC Tank Hunter

Find your lost girlfriend on PMC Rugen after US and Soviets started a war there. Bring tokarev trophy pistols to US commander who will help you track down your girlfriend.

Download Campaigns

Mission pack is coming soon which include all PMC single player, campaign and multi player missions.

If you plan to download PMC campaigns from github you need a batch file to compile them properly because many campaigns use scripts from our global script directory arma-3-Scripts. Unfortunately... this bat is not available right now, sorry.

Download PMC ArmA 3 campaigns from arma-3-Campaigns_PMC