PMC Powder Bat Campaign ArmA 3

Community Upgrade Project (CUP) US Marine Corps vs Chedaki (NAPA?) etc guerrillas campaign on PMC Greece Agios Efstratios, PMC Greece Lemnos and Tanoa terrains.

PMC Powder Bat used weaponPool heavily until it was discovered that bis broke whole weaponPool which now duplicates contents on mission change. weaponPool went broke probably around east wind campaign development. So PMC Powder Bat campaign now uses ammo boxes instead of weaponPool, all ammo/weapon boxes in friendly bases persist between missions, if you place magazines, gear or weapons there, they will appear in the next mission as well.

Missions which include a truck for player is also using persistency, don't let the truck get damaged or destroyed because it appears in the same condition on the next mission. Truck is excellent mobile armory, store weapons/gear there.

Campaign features "campaign hub" technology where a base is your main hub which missions are launched, you can rearm freely between missions and your loadout will persist from mission to mission. These "campaign hub" locations are Forward Operating Base's (FOB) where you launch missions to patrol and also defend the FOB against insurgent attacks.

FOB's are loaded with ammo/weapon boxes which persist across this whole campaign, each and every FOB works like this, if you don't care about traveling a bit between these locations you have just huge arsenal of weapons/gear available to you.


PMC Powder Bat campaign was created for ArmA 3 (this is not a ported of/arma campaign) initially using Red Hammer Studios (RHS) character/weapons on bis Altis and Stratis terrains. Soon after RHS addons were replaced with CUP. In 2019 bis altis/stratis were replaced with PMC real world data terrains.

Required Addons

Required Addons: Community Upgrade Project, PMC Greece Agios Efstratios and PMC Greece Lemnos. You also need ArmA 3 Apex DLC as missions span to Tanoa terrain.

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