Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-04-18 New Editing Year

2022-04-18T05:26:00Z New editing day has started. And again its actually new editing YEAR Smiley :)

Today I alredy released PMC Taiwan Kinmen and PMC Ukraine Yenky terrains, I feel excited as a horny dog so attacking the LAST terrain on this mega terrain release batch I got going on (talking about all these new 2021+2022 terrains). Taiwan taipei is last in the list, after this there is nothing planned but most likely few more releases follow, but that has to be after few days break once taipei is out.

Just finished reading this dev diary page, it was very interesting read with many screenshots and a lot of details, I can tell that I was enthusiastic when starting taipei as mouth was running so much, nice heh.

Today's plan is to assess if this terrain could be released and if so... maybe I have enough time for today to get this third release out which would be awesome, but no expectations, just one step at the time. As usual I'll start with arma3 in-game check to see how the terrain looks and works.

Checking in arma3 got few more items to my issues list, nothing too bad. Biggest task is to do the ocean coastline water creeping to land, that will take some time.

Global mapper dir was completely empty, no work files left, ugh. So started to export satellite mask because that is needed to fix the water creep.

Exportin' ...

PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Screenshot

Started terrain builder and went to find airfields, found three, wow. Created Terrain Builder Keypoints for these airfields so they are easy to find and also to get them on config.cpp class names{} 2D mapview.

Then created shapes layer called airfield_runways and drew poly lines for all these airfield, well, runways Smiley :)

PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Screenshot

Exported WRP then opened created .HPP file in text editor and copy pasted the keypoint classes into pmc_taiwan_taipei_cfg\pmc_names.hpp file, now we got arma3 location names for these airfields.

Used another instance of global mapper (first is still exporting satellite mask) and opened airfield_runways.shp, assigned ID/ORDER feature values to them and exported back out. Then imported roads.shp so these shapes are now merged, then exported roads.shp back out again. Then imported roads.shp to terrain builder and guess what? Ding! Ding! Ding! Correct, exported it right back out again Smiley :)

PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Screenshot

2022-04-18T06:20:00Z Started GIMP loading Satellite.Mask/ XCF images and merge them with equivalent Sat_Mask_??.png images, uuh... I want this automated so bad Smiley :(

2022-04-18T06:38:00Z Finished that RGB color shuffle, Sat_Mask_??.png images with ocean coastlines are now done, also did Sat_Mask_A1.png which is first full ocean tile, painted it RGB 0,0,150 blue ocean color and copied to all the rest of the full ocean tiles.

I really really need to get that GIMP shuffle done with ImageMagick bat file Smiley :(

It was time for global mapper shuffle for ocean coastline stuff. This is the semi new tool pipeline I have, seems to be working good so far. Here I am doing the, err umm the ... uhh dunno which part Smiley ;)

PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Screenshot

This took a while as my tool pipeline text file states on the left. Need to find something else to do while tools are busy processing...

Hmm there is still ways and hours to go before this terrain is release ready assuming everything goes according to plan, but I am going to start release procedures now already, mainly creating the web page php files. I just cant stand sitting here idle without anything to do while global mapper is processing data.

Added pmc_taiwan_taipei to PMC "worldSize" mission pack compilation bat terrain list, gotta get them missions for all terrains.

Updated bisign key generator and 7-zip release packing bat files, felt so wrong to do that as terrain is being still edited heh. But gotta optimize time use Smiley ;)

Yeah buddy heightmap-final.asc exporing!

PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Screenshot

Next imported heightmap-final.asc into L3DT and imported L3DT_texture_map.png, then smoothed airfield runways. Then copied terrain processor helper files, roads.* copying and *.LBT deleting bat files into its dir, edited and ran the roads bat file, then started roads smoothing using the airfields smoothed heightmap as source. Oh and I also used global mapper to delete airfield runways from the roads.shp file, so it wont cause any funkyness.

Forgot to put heightmap.asc coordinates to 200,000/0 so terrain processor failed heh, oh well, easy fix.

2022-04-18T07:18:00Z Okay ocen coastline water creeping operation is now done. Uah.

Terrain builder exported WRP with 1,374,136 objects. Edit: neverming, just keep reading Smiley :)

2022-04-18T07:23:00Z Started pboProject binarization, alright, things got done Smiley :)

Was edited web pages for taipei and noticed the object count, 1.3 million, well that cant be right, wasnt it more like 13 million before, hmm. Binarize is already running so need to see what happened with objects, hopefully this is not one of those terrain builder projects which break when many objcts are imported.

2022-04-18T07:49:00Z Going to move this dev diary from localhost to the actual web page file now, can start proof reading it while binarize is still running and by the looks of it, the objects are broken so need even more time to fix them and do another binarize process.

2022-04-18T08:02:00Z Binarize finished and few moments ago started to proof read this dev diary, which got halted now of course as its time to check PBOs in arma3.

Hmm there is perfectly fine forests in arma3, how is that possible if there was only 1.3 million objects, hmm might I have made a typo, missing one number so instead of 1,300,000 it should have been 13,000,000 hmm Smiley :)

Airfields look good, forests definitely have over 10 million objects, coastline looks great. There was one location in the coast which had similar bizarre elevation narrow line as PMC Taiwan Kinmen just earlier had, dunno where is that coming from in the global mapper tasks. It can be easily fixed with L3DT and I'm going to do it now.

PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Screenshot

Checked out time of the day and still over six hours to go, yeah this terrain gets released today no doubt in my mind Smiley :D

Imported latest heightmap into L3DT and had a lot of problems finding the damn elevation line, went over the area twice and could not see it. Only after you zoomed in real close it appeared, hah. So lowered the elevation line to -3.01m which is OK ocean coastline depth.

Exported WRP and indeed I was blind as a fucking bat, it was 13,743,136 objects Smiley :D

PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Screenshot

Then started pboProject binarization just for the WRP addon as no other addon had been changed and it takes few minutes to binarize those others. But now we wait and I'll come back to proof reading this dev diary Smiley ;)

2022-04-18T08:53:00Z Binarize finished, time for another in-game arma3 check.

Everything looks good in-game, ocean elevation odd line is gone, poof. And with perfect timing, its my lunch break. Awesome.

2022-04-18T09:26:00Z Feeding time is over, back to proof reading. Continued release procedures by generating bisign keys.

2022-04-18T09:50:00Z Finished proof reading and adding links to this dev diary. Next need to take those screenshots, its another good chunk of time and effort spent.

2022-04-18T10:28:00Z Screenshots taken, sorted, renamed, edited and converted.

2022-04-18T10:51:00Z Uploaded web pages to our server, one last look that all images etc are working and then its time to release last terrain addon in this huge batch of new 2021-2022 terrain projects heh.

I had to actually check but the first arma3 terrain release in 2022 was 2022-03-18T22:40:00Z PMC Ukraine Mariupol, just realized it is one month to this day! Smiley :o

All taiwan and poland terrains and ukraine yenky was created in 2021. Rest of the ukraine terrains were created 2022 when the war broke out. So its been one month of straight terrain releases, I have only taken mere hours worth of breaks to play some MP but its been full blast no excuses motherfucker attitude to release these terrains.

I am SO burnt out right now, its all a big blur to me, every day been working on terrain editing to get each project ready and then comes the release procedures. Oh man it has been exhausting and awesome at the same time.

Now it feels so fucking good to have last release good to go, just press the evil big red button heh. Almost surreal feeling that holy shit has it really been one month of straight up releases, editing for month is nothing anyone with the right mindset can do it, but pushing out releases at this pace has been crazy!

But enough bullshit, its time to release last of the 2021 terrains Smiley :D

2022-04-18T11:15:00Z PMC Taiwan Taipei v0.1 has been released! Smiley :cool:

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