Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Kyiv ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-24 Finishing Touches

2022-03-24T10:29:00Z New editing day has started, I just released PMC Ukraine Kharkiv v0.1 and will jump right away into PMC Ukraine Kyiv editing because its the next terrain on the release queue.

My bugs/issues website states few issues like airfields are not done and roads.shp needs terrain builder import/export. However reading this dev diary above (just double checking) looks like those are already done, so I'm going to pboProject binarize straight up so can do arma3 in-game test.

Was surprising to see in-game that all those issues are still present, umm if I already fixed them... why are they still broken, hmm.

2022-03-24T11:53:00Z Started terrain builder and loaded the project up, found that one of the airfields was missing runway poly line so created that, I believe this is the hostomel airport (google/maps) in north west of Kyiv.

Exported airfield_runways.shp next to the roads.shp in _data\roads\ dir. Then imported heightmap_smoothed_roads_airfields_smoothed.asc because that is what the name says, this logically should fix any smoothing issues as long as its done properly. Rebuilt terrain, of course.

Exported WRP ...

ArmA 3 PMC Ukraine Kyiv Screenshot

... saved project and exited terrain builder. Ran moveObject re-pathing for WRP file. Used global mapper to load airfield_runways.shp and added ID 7 and ORDER 0 to the newly created poly line, then exported it back out. Then loaded roads.shp so its merged with airfield_runways.shp and exported roads.shp back out which is now our full road poly line shape file. Then started terrain builder and did import/export for the newly saved roads.shp file, now its fixed for arma3 use.

2022-03-24T12:06:00Z Then another pboProject binarization, hopefully all the pending issues are now fixed. Just hate that have to wait another hmm good 30-45min for this to happen, oh well.

In-game test shows that apparently I actually DID smooth out airfield runways... just not all of them. NW hostomel airport is not smoothed out nor is the second one close to the city, but the SE big airbase or is it Kyiv International Airport I guess, is. So yeah I need to go through them once more. Only problem is to finding them all in crappy L3DT Smiley :)

But at least now I confirmed that roads.shp are fixed and airfield runway poly lines are done.

Just a little bit more fixes and then its good to go. One of the new fixes, well improvements, is going to be the new terrain processor generated vegetation objects with latest TPP files.

2022-03-24T13:01:00Z Leaped forward in dev diary writings again; deleted existing terrain builder object layers file and created Terrain Builder Keypoints for airfields. Then exported WRP so I can get the HPP file, I copied its content into pmc_names.hpp config.cpp file.

Then copied latest terrain processor TPP files into Kyiv dir, edited it a bit and then generated new objects with existing settings which should be, hmm hectare dencity 100.

Terrain processor generated 9.693 million objects, its just on the limit which I'm brave enough to import into terrain builder.

2022-03-24T13:10:00Z Started to import new vegetation objects to terrain builder, ETA is about 1hrs 15min Smiley :)

When importing finished I didn't notice it as was editing PMC Ukraine Luhansk dev diary video at the moment, just realized later that oh its already done. Then exported WRP and moveObject re-pathed it.

2022-03-24T14:38:00Z Went to back editing that Luhansk dev diary video a bit, just had a mood for it right now.

2022-03-24T15:47:00Z Finished that video editing and now its very late at night for me, been up almost 17hrs so will call it a night here.

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