Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Kyiv ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-25 Initial Release Day

2022-03-25T02:45:00Z New editing day has started, last nights final edits and the video editing left me a bit confused, cant recall if the smoothed airfields are in yet or not, heh this sucks Smiley :)

Brought up L3DT and loaded Kyiv project, then checked all airfield runways and indeed there were two or was it three (was kind of hard to see on heightmap mesh in 3d sapphire) that were not smoothed out, so I did that. Exported heightmap to "heightmap.asc" file, then ran terrain processor smooth roads which reads this "heightmap.asc" file and outputs "heightmap_smoothed_roads.asc" file. Finally terrain builder imported this last file, rebuilt terrain, removed the imported heightmap file, exported WRP, saved project and exited.

Uuh, mouthful.

Then of course ran moveObject re-pathing the WRP.

And then it was pboProject binarization time again. Hopefully this will now generate the initial release version of PMC Ukraine Kyiv terrain.

2022-03-25T03:36:00Z Finished binarizing.

In-game arma3 check confirms ALL airfield runways have now smoothed out. However I found out that roads.shp got carved into heightmap on the edges. That is odd because overall the advice in the community has been to "cut / export roads.shp with global mapper" for this issue, but these roads are done with global mapper in the begin with.

I faintly remember talking about this in PMC discord 2020 or 2021, I used some roads.shp cutting method of few pixels/meters inside the actual terrain grid, hmm I need to go search and find that chat as cant remember not how its done.

Of course the carving issue is not a showstopper, it only appears on the far edges of the terrain where you rarely operate.

There is something about it in PMC Editing Wiki: Terrain Processor, Road Smoothing page.

Searched PMC discord and found the chat where I spoke about this issue... however I'm just saying "shrunk roads.shp -5 meters to fix it." and now I'm like "yeah, but HOW you .. HRRR!?" hehe

Yes its very annoying to encounter this kind of issue, "just do it" advice without anykind of info of actually HOW. I do not remember at all how to cut OSM shapes -5m in global mapper, best guess right now would be to just create another user created feature grid which is 5 meters smaller than the actual terrain grid. But dunno. Maybe I'll remember it when browsing around global mapper a bit, muscle memory comes back quickly.

And this time I'm sure to document it, thoroughly, step by step Smiley :)

2022-03-25T04:15:00Z Had to call it here, just dead tired going into that zombi mode without being able to get anything done.

2022-03-25T09:59:00Z Yawn, stupid nap. Already been up, got a bite to eat, documented some arma3 stuff, signed the addons, 7-zip packed the release package and just now took basic screenshots from PMC Ukraine Kyiv for the official web page.

2022-03-25T10:37:00Z Release 7-zip archive and .torrent files are done. Currently uploading to PMC website Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Release file name: pmc_ukraine_kyiv_v0.1.7z and size: 2.16gb

This time I'm experimenting of only using two UDP torrent trackers as I'm studying torrent tech more indepth and looks like there is no need for so many trackers I've been using on PMC arma3 torrents so far. Some people say (I am unable to verify the claim) that for public torrents you don't need ANY trackers that DHT is enough, that trackers only help in the startup to speed up finding seeds. Hopefully I fully learn how the tech works soon, but for now I am not going to use any http trackers, just the bare minimum of two of the most old and reliable trackers I know of today ( and

Actually the VPS has some problems running rTorrent right now, it freezes. Not sure if this is because Linux server uptime is 1135 days, yes one THOUSAND one hundred and thirty five fucking days Smiley :D

 10:43:39 up 1135 days,  3:06,  4 users,  load average: 0.12, 0.21, 0.14

Anyways. A little background for release making process Smiley :)

2022-03-25T11:34:00Z Web pages created along with screenshots up to this point, meaning still need to proof read and add links etc smaller details.

2022-03-25T12:29:00Z This dev diary page got all links added and images verified etc. We are looking pretty good here.

But now its my lunch time, I'm starvin'

2022-03-25T13:10:00Z Feeding is done, back to release procedures...

Was looking at my release procedure "tool pipeline" heh and I cant think of what else to to, everything is good to go for release, just need to write the news and forum post.

2022-03-25T14:05:00Z PMC Ukraine Kyiv v0.1 released! Smiley :D

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