PMC Ukraine Kyiv ArmA 3 Real World Data Terrain

61.4 kilometer x 61.4 kilometer terrain with high resolution satellite texture. View at google/maps

PMC Ukraine Kyiv ArmA 3 Terrains Satellite Texture ArmA 3 PMC Ukraine Kyiv Screenshot

PMC Ukraine Kyiv is a medium / large realistic real world data terrain. Created in 2022. See background info from PMC Tactical Forums Real World Data Terrain topic. See more Kyiv Screenshots.

Heightmap source is SRTM 1-arc-second SRTM Plus v3 30m detail resolution. Satellite texture source is ArcGIS world imagery, 1 meter / pixel scale which is very high detail. Satellite mask is generated from OpenStreetMap (OSM) landuse and natural areas data. Roads are created from OSM data. You can learn more about how to create ArmA 3 Terrains from PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Terrain Tutorials.

PMC Ukraine Kyiv ArmA 3 terrain is work in progress (WIP), for example object editing has not been completed. If you find bugs or issues you would like to report, please contact us.

"How big map is 61 kilometers?" ArmA 3 default Stratis is 8.1 kilometers (eight point one), Altis is 30.7 kilometers, Tanoa is 15.3 kilometers and Livonia is 12.8 kilometers, so 61.4km is twice the size of largest ArmA 3 default terrain.

If you haven't played in terrain over 50 kilometers in size, you don't know what freedom is ...

PMC terrains are released with bisign keys for a proper dedicated server multiplayer use.

Russia Ukraine War History

2014 Russia illegally annexed Crimean peninsula and Donbas areas of Donetsk, Luhansk and Mariupol cities.

2022-02-24 early hours of february 24th 2022 Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered Russian Armed Forces to invade Ukraine. This included air strikes (bombing of targets), artillery, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and cruise missiles. Mr Putin called it "special military operation" to "de-nazifying" and "de-militarizing" Ukraine.

Free world immediately put on increasingly escalating economic sanctions on Russia, basically the whole world condemned Russian aggression towards Ukraine (with the exception of few countries like china, syria, etc). However North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States of America refused to provide No-Fly Zone in Ukraine because it would lead (in their words) to a world war 3 as they would have to shoot down Russian aircraft. NATO, UK and US refused No-Fly Zone even after repeated heartfelt pleas from Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other government officials.

On the coming days Russian ground forces were advancing into Ukrainian territory but was repelled or stopped by Ukrainian Armed Forces and territorial defense forces under the leadership of president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Russians shifted the focus on air strikes, artillery and MLRS bombardment of civilian areas like cities even including hospitals.

Many countries sent "lethal aid" to Ukraine which included Javelin and NLAW anti tank shoulder launched missiles and Stinger anti aircraft shoulder launched missiles, these were extremely effective against russian vehicles including main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers (APC) and trucks, a lot of Russian tanks and vehicles were destroyed. US also provided switchblade drones.

Military analysts around the world have been surprised how utterly poorly Russian armed forces have performed and have been praising Ukraine defense forces for stopping massive Russian onslaught. Most of the analysts believed Ukraine would fall within days if not hours, however this was not the case because the fierce resistance of Ukrainian defense forces.

Within Russian armed forces, the regular grunts, morale was extremely low, they didn't want to fight. There are reports of russian soldiers refusing to follow orders, deserting, sabotaging their vehicles and even wounding themselves to get away from the fighting. They were afraid of Ukrainian military and especially the anti tank weapons and tactics.

Russian armed forces committed several war crimes including cruise missiles with cluster munitions on civilian targets like Kramatorsk railway station where over 60 civilians died. Russian atrocities have been well documented.

At end of march Russian armed forces retreated from Kyiv and Chernihiv area, generally in north of Ukraine. Western analysts assessed that these troops will be resupplied, regrouped and sent to Donbas area, south east Ukraine, which is now become Russias main target area.

Mid april 2022 over 4.6 million refugees left Ukraine to escape the war and Russian bombardment of civilian areas. There has been footage of Mariupol where the city has been basically turned into a wasteland by Russian armed forces attacks. In village of Bucha Russian armed forces took civilians tied hands behind their backs and executed them by shooting them in back of the head, then they dumped the bodies to streets, people were tortured and killed, also girls/women were raped. Unconfirmed reports said that over 20,000 civilians have died in siege of Mariupol. Russian atrocities are endless.

Terrain Specifications

Heightmap grid size: 4096 x 4096
Cell size: 15m
Satellite texture / mask resolution: 61,440 x 61,440 pixels
Satellite surface mask size: 2048 x 2048 pixels
Texture layer size: 60m x 60m
Object count: 4,902,093


All the newest edits, bug fixes, additions etc can be read from changelog PMC Ukraine Kyiv.

Dev Diary

Very comprehensive details, thoughts, plans, pains, failures and successes are painstakingly documented often times with screenshots into Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Kyiv.

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Required Addons

Required Addons: PMC Terrain Data and CUP Terrains Core and Maps.

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