Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Berdyansk ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-01 Project Started

2022-03-01T08:56:00Z This page was created.

2022-03-01T09:07:00Z Global Mapper project created, user created feature grid done, KMZ file exported.

Now we wait a long time until Terra Incognita queue frees so we can continue / start downloading this terrains satellite imagery, looking at the queue... it will take days heh.

2022-03-02T15:03:00Z Terra incognita satellite imagery download started. Normal 2 x 2 grid sections, seems to come to 16 oziexplorer tiles.

2022-03-06 Global Mapper Editing

2022-03-06T19:19:00Z Been editing long time today already but now other project tasks are running out so have some time to put edit into PMC Ukraine Berdyansk.

Global mapper exported SRTM 1-arc-sec v3 ASCII Grid heightmap.asc file. Then downloaded GEBCO ocean sea bottom heightmap data and merged it into final heightmap.asc in global mapper.

2022-03-06T20:13:00Z Small detour to put in few more edits to PMC Ukraine Sumy, now back to berdyansk in full.

Reduced OpenStreetMap (OSM) roads to 3100 feature count, then exported all cropped OSM shape files.

Then transformed all OSM shapes to UTM Projection 31N 200,000/0 Terrain Builder readable coordinates, also did roads.shp ID/ORDER edits of course and pmc_names.hpp config.cpp class names{} err class Smiley :)

Currently my muscle memory and "workflow" is just insanely good, I am flowing through these steps smoothly like a quicksilver Smiley ;)

When you're on top of your game, its a beautiful thing...

2022-03-06T20:47:00Z Finished global mapper assigning RGB colors to OSM shapes.

Started global mapper exporting satellite mask.

Then created terrain builder project. Copied Terrain Processor files there and started to run obj_forest and road smoothing TPP things.

2022-03-06T21:21:00Z Terrain builder satellite mask imported.

Then created global mapper map catalog and exported preview-arcgis-17-level.png image.

And now, I'm starting to get a bit tired, not exhausted but just editing energy is draining fast and don't feel like pushing myself into bigger edits anymore, feels like its late in the evening maybe time for TV/movies or something.

Also less than 50gb free space in E: editing hard disk drive (HDD), so heh that probably fills up if I do a full berdyansk image conversion process Smiley :)

Actually... I am calling it a night here.

2022-03-06T21:31:00Z Editing continues tomorrow.

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