Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-07 Project Started

2021-10-07T04:50:00Z Started to work on taiwan terrains, at this point I don't know WHAT terrains I'm going to create, at least taipei and then something in the south, but we'll see how this develops.

2021-10-07T07:37:00Z Got bunch of stuff done, was a bit excited and recorded videos while editing without writing anything down heh, ouch, how did that happen Smiley ;)

PMC Taiwan Taipei 81.9 kilometer x 81.9 kilometer terrain has been born.

Chose 81 kilometer (km) terrain, did the preliminary work with Global Mapper and started Terra Incognita downloads. Also created Terrain Builder project already, moved ASCII Grid heightmap.asc there and imported it in.

Now terra incognita is downloading second satellite imagery corner piece.

Yeah I know; whats the point of dev diary if you don't write one, well this was my mistake, with creating a brand new terrain lost all focus and just kept editing Smiley :(

2021-10-07T07:59:00Z Terra incognita is downloading 2nd corner and will probably download still when I go to sleep today, I cant be able to stay awake to do any satellite texture work, it will be something for tomorrow. Updated Latitude / longitude config values just now.

Downloaded GEBCO ocean seabed data and merged it with SRTM data.

This is global mapper view of the user created grid I chosen, not sure if this is a good location but its a start.

PMC Taiwan Taipei ArmA 3 Screenshot

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