Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Kinmen ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-04-17 New Editing YEAR

2022-04-17T07:32:00Z New editing day has started, its actually new YEAR now. Earlier today PMC Ukraine Odesa got its first release, then did couple of PMC multiplayer mission edits and now even though its late in the day for me, decided to start looking into taiwan kinmen.

Dev diary above is quite short, not much meat in in it, hmph.

As usual started with arma3 in-game check, mod.cpp needs an update, coastline is all GEBCO crap with water creeping to land, roads.shp are broken, and bunch of other stuff already listed in real world data tool pipeline 00.txt list file.

2022-04-17T07:40:00Z Its lunch time...

2022-04-17T08:06:00Z Feeding time is over, back to kinmen.

Global mapper dir had zero source files, ugh, so need to export satellite mask right away then because its used for coastline.

PMC Taiwan Kinmen ArmA 3 Screenshot

While satellite mask being exported I went and updated mod.cpp with accurate google/maps link as well as official homepage link.

Was looking at ImageMagick if I could do the next step automatically from command line, but heh cant think of a way how to do it right now, so going to do it once more the old fashioned way, in GIMP.

Open Satellite.Mask/ XCF image, select RGB 0,0,150 blue ocean, open equivalent Sat_Mask_??.png image and copy-paste the selection there, save and exit. Then repeat to all the coastline tiles, ugh...

2022-04-17T08:43:00Z All XCF images gone through and shuffled to Sat_Mask_??.png format, uuh.

Did map catalog for Sat_Mask_*.png images, then did the err what step it was, finding areas thing Smiley ;)

PMC Taiwan Kinmen ArmA 3 Screenshot

And almost done, got all the shuffle done now just exporting the final heightmap out.

PMC Taiwan Kinmen ArmA 3 Screenshot

And done.

Then imported heightmap.asc into L3DT for some airfield runway smoothing. Had no idea where the airfield is so loaded terrain builder project up where its faster to search satellite texture, quickly found the airfield.

Created Terrain Builder Keypoints to it and also airfield_runways shape layer and poly line for the runway.

PMC Taiwan Kinmen ArmA 3 Screenshot

Then exported airfield_runways.shp into pmc_taiwan_kinmen_data\roads\ dir, loaded it up in global mapper and setup ID/ORDER feature values, exported back out. Then imported roads.shp merging the two shapes and exported back out to roads.shp. Then (heh) terrain builder imported roads.shp...

PMC Taiwan Kinmen ArmA 3 Screenshot

And exported right back out again, now the arma3 not being able to read global mapper saved shape files issue is fixed.

Fun, for the whole family. YUP.

Now did the L3DT airfield smoothing and exported heightmap.asc out again.

Then ran terrain processor road smoothing to heightmap.asc, then terrain builder imported those smoothed roads heightmap ASC file again.

Exported WRP and ran moveObject re-pathing on it. Umm, wonder if we are ready to binarize...

Heh somehow been in zombi mode when editing, not tired yet but... this is all too heavy on the muscle memory. Anyways, lets run pboProject binarization and see what breaks Smiley :)

2022-04-17T10:29:00Z Went to arma3 to check it out, unfortunately couple of issues, there is some weird heightmap elevation "line" most likely between satellite grid tiles and made the mistake of terrain processor smoothing roads while airfield_runway shape was present, this caused the runway to have this small "ripple effect" through the lenght of the runway poly line.

In the satellite texture itself, found couple of spots between tiles where in one tile I flagged the area as ocean and in the next I didn't, as its kind of half-breed type area, hmm.

Was unsure what to do with those issues but started global mapper satellite texture export, just in case its needed as if anything I'm going to do... it will be tomorrow, so don't need to wait for export to finish tomorrow then and if I decided not to edit any of this, then can just delete the tiles.

2022-04-17T10:37:00Z Okay time to call it a night, its getting late for me, just some chilling before going to bed.

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