Dev Diary PMC Poland Miroslawiec ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-11-08 Re-Processing Terrain Data

2022-11-08T12:14:00Z New editing day has started, today I'm editing PMC Poland Lask 65.5km terrain and now continuing miroslawiec as well while waiting for long processes to finish in lask. Todays goal is, well depending on hard disk drive free space, to get this terrain binarized, might be a bit optimistic coal but hey you gotta have dreams Smiley ;)

At the moment of writing this dev diary my editing disk E: partition only has 69.5gb free space which will ran out very very quickly.

Global mapper opened online source for SRTM 1-arc second v3 and then exported heightmap.asc ASCII Grid ASC file.

Then started to unpack OSM shape file archives trying to track down which one of them has miroslawiec area.

OSM data for this terrain are: poland_wielkopolskie and poland_zachodniopomorskie.

Then cropped areas, lines and points. Road feature count was 6848 which is nicely under the amount arma3 is willing to load, but I decided to still remove few of the useless roads like footway, unknown etc. Got road features reduced to 4761.

Transformed all OSM data to terrain builder readable 200,000/0 UTM 31N zone projection.

Miroslawiec is 40km x 40km terrain but I still used 4 x 4 grid tile setup for terrain processor, which is... odd to say the least, I mean there cannot be that much forest in 40km european terrain, its not any vietnamese jungle heh. But oh well lets roll with that setup as it was already done, TPP files ready to go.

2022-11-08T13:01:00Z Global mapper finished assigning OSM area RGB colors which always is such an painful copy-paste back and forth task, I hate this part, but now its done so were all good.

Now I would need to export satellite mask... but have so little HDD space that I simply cant, need to finish poland lask binarization first. This sucks, I am limited by my hardware, again. Well sure I could delete many files and organize E: files to another drives, but it kind of defeats the point of having dedicated editing HDD if you have to move stuff to other drives. I would like to buy larger editing HDD but I made the decision not to purchase less than 20tb HDDs anymore so don't have the money for such a beast HDD. I was considering buying another 4tb drive, also checked 8tb drive prices... but because windows 8.1 support ends 2023-01-10 and future is uncertain, this last quarter of 2022 arma3 terrain editing is such a small "project" in grand scheme of things, kind of like too little too late type of thing, that nah... wont be doing any emergency hasty HDD purchase.

But yeah it sucks, HDD full and need to edit one terrain at the time (global mapper temporary work files).

2022-11-08T13:15:00Z Created global mapper map catalog for arcgis 17 level satellite imagery, then exported preview-arcgis-17-level.png image.

Terrain processor generated forest objects using 4 x 4 grid tile setup (which I feel is overkill for small european 40km terrain).

A1 290.1k, A2 865.5k, A3 697.1k, A4 741.6k, B1 673.1k, B2 417.5k, B3 689.4k, B4 765.9k, C1 585.5k, C2 755.7k, C3 730.9k, C4 240k, D1 681.4k, D2 736.6k, D3 294.2k, D4 553k.

2022-11-08T14:50:00Z Finally got some free space (107gb) after deleting poland lask global mapper temporary work files, so now started exporting satellite mask in 4 x 4 grid tile image setup.

2022-11-08T14:58:00Z Started global mapper exporting satellite texture in 4 x 4 grid tile image setup.

2022-11-08T15:19:00Z Finished exporting satellite texture, now begins the clouds cleanup step.

2022-11-08T15:28:00Z Finished going through all satellite texture tiles with GIMP ready to edit clouds off, but there was none. There were few tiles that had like... smokey mist type of thing, they were so huge guess they were extremely thin cloud layer, there is no way to clone brush those off as almost half of the tile would have to be erased.

Created terrain builder project, all directories were already in place I just literally re-created the project files. Its easier this way than trying to delete existing raster etc layers and importing fixed ones in. Simpler and quicker to start from scratch heh.

2022-11-08T15:39:00Z Started terrain builder satellite mask importing.

2022-11-08T15:43:00Z Finished import, next started texture importing.

2022-11-08T15:50:00Z And finished texture import.

In terrain builder created airfield runway poly line shape, exported it to _data/roads/ dir.

Used L3DT to smooth out airfield runways, exported heightmap_airfields_leveled.asc heightmap file which was fed to terrain processor for road smoothing. Finally imported these airfields leveled and roads smoothed heightmap.asc into terrain builder.

2022-11-08T16:05:00Z Terrain builder started generate layers, this will take a while and now is a good time to cook some food while processes are running...

2022-11-08T16:45:00Z Started convert layers PNG to PAA fast as 14 core burst bat and terrain builder importing forest objects.

2022-11-08T17:20:00Z Feeding time is over, back to editing. Terrain builder is still importing objects, wait continues.

Did a new latitude / longitude config.cpp values in global mapper. They did not change much, but they were different, so good to have those redone.

2022-11-08T18:47:00Z Hmm I'm starting to worry about this object import session, it has been now running for two fucking hours... how can it take this long, there must be something wrong. I'm trying to think what might cause such slow importing... one cause might be that I'm using wrong shape files or that they are not 200,000/0 projected so objects go beyond terrain edge and terrain builder then takes a long time to process them.

Dunno. Hopefully it ends soon and then can check whats going on.

2022-11-08T18:53:00Z Finished importing objects, whoah heh.

Exported WRP and it came out as 9,718,386 objects.

Then did WRP data split, layer re-pathed WRP file with moveObject and then started layer RVMATs re-pathing which will take several minutes/moments again.

2022-11-08T19:03:00Z Started pboProject binarization, aayeah! Smiley :)

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