Dev Diary PMC Poland Miroslawiec ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-10-31 Re-Creating The Project

2022-10-30T11:42:00Z Not a new editing day but just a comment shared across swidwin terrains dev diary as well; these terrains has to remain 40km x 40km in size because there is simply not enough room to increase the size, the terrain grids are right next to each other so making similar enlarge like in poznan, powidz etc would simply not fit together, the terrains had to be brought so much further apart that the airbases, the main spectacles, in these terrains would then be almost in the corner of the terrain instead on the center. This timestamp is copy-pasted with swidwin Smiley :)

2022-10-31T07:01:00Z New editing day has started, just deleted all the existing terra incognita and global mapper files as those are unusable, now starting to create new ones.

Created global mapper project, user created feature grid, checked it against overlap_poland.gmw project, no overlap, I'm good to go for this terrain grid. Exported KMZ so now can begin terra incognita satellite imagery download.

2022-10-31T07:13:00Z Terra incognita single piece download started, no need to split this up to four sections because its a little girlie men terrain 40km size.

2022-10-31T14:59:00Z Terra incognita download finished.

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