Dev Diary PMC Poland Miroslawiec ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-11-28 Another Roads Fix

2022-11-28T06:09:00Z New editing day has started, todays goal is to fix broken roads shape file.

First started terrain builder and loaded PMC Poland Miroslawiec terrain project. Then imported roads.shp, checked that it matches satellite texture, then exported roads.shp file back out again.

Next ran pboProject _temp binarization bat just for the _data addon dir, took few seconds and now miroslawiec roads should be fixed.

Realized only now that airfield runway poly line is missing, dang. Okay so need to track down why is it missing as the file is present in _data/roads/ addon dir. Well turns out, yes the file is there but it was never merged with roads.shp, dunno how that bug slipped through my tool pipeline, impossible to say at this point but now it gets fixed.

First in global mapper added ID / ORDER feature data into airfield_runways.shp file and exported it out again, next merged it with roads.shp and exported that out. And once again terrain builder imported roads.shp file, visually checked that poly lines appear in correct locations which includes airfield runways, all good so final terrain builder roads.shp export.

2022-11-28T06:22:00Z And then again ran pboProject _temp binarization bat to get _data addon binarized. Now I'm finally done.

2022-11-28T07:00:00Z Checked in-game ArmA 3 and roads.shp has been successfully fixed Smiley :)

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