Dev Diary PMC Poland Miroslawiec ArmA 3 Terrain

2024-03-22 Attempted Release Procedures

2024-03-22T02:23:00Z New editing day has started, just finished releasing PMC Iowa Garden City 8km FS19 Terrain, then moved on to the next project on the list which is PMC Poland Miroslawiec ArmA 3 terrain. Now finished adding screenshots to this dev diary and proof reading it once more, everything looks good.

Next up, dunno what, testing in ArmA 3 in-game for 2024 spring era I guess, not that I expect there to have anything that breaks the terrain addon, but you have to do these checks, also I wouldn't never release addon from 1-2 years ago just blindly without looking it over at least once.

2024-03-25T09:14:00Z Not really new editing day, but I just launched streamshit client and ArmA 3 with PMC Poland terrains, checked out Miroslawiec and it looked overall good, there was one big lake and several small ones which would need slight satellite texture editing but there is no perfect solution for this so that dark blue texture is fine for now. I really could not see anything wrong with this terrain, it looks ready for release.

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