Dev Diary PMC Poland Miroslawiec ArmA 3 Terrain

2024-04-28 Release Day

2024-04-28T04:10:41Z New editing day has started, today is time to release PMC Poland Miroslawiec ArmA 3 terrain.

As seen from previous dev diary page I have already tried to re-start this release procedure twice, so third time is the charm I guess. This time I have no need to check the addon in-game ArmA 3 as it was just done twice earlier, its good to go. Now its more like HTML web page editing work and creating that actual addon release package with torrent magnet, then all the forum posts etc.

I had kdenlive rendering Start From Zero PMC Super Six 6km S02E17 currently for estimated 1hrs 16min so won't be bothering CPU by creating miroslawiec 7-zip packet yet, so going to start creating and editing HTML web pages first. Also screenshots have to wait as I cant really run ArmA 3 while kdenlive is hogging most of the PMC DevSurf CPU power.

2024-04-28T05:02:06Z Basic root HTML web pages created, now starting to chip away this original dev diary single web page into individual day pages. Slow progress, steadily one step at the time.

2024-04-28T05:24:23Z Finished transferring all dev diary pages into "this page", ie the final poland miroslawiec dev diary pages. Kdenlive ETA on video render is about 5min so that is pretty good timing, next up is to launch ArmA 3 with PMC Poland Miroslawiec terrain and take some screenshots.

Did some research to find anykind of tool pipeline or method of taking screenshots, like mapview, textured or untextured, then specific style of screenshots, but didn't find anything except purely technical info about how to take ArmA 3 screenshots. Then added PMC Tactical Forum link to config.cpp loadingTexts array and pboProject binarized _cfg addon.

Then it was time for one last in-game ArmA 3 check against my release procedure tool pipeline list, kind of boring but hey I rather do mundane boring shit for few minutes than be embarrassed by a release with obvious mistakes on it.

2024-04-28T06:17:27Z Basic in-game error and last look test complete. Now generated bikeys for multiplayer server use.

2024-04-28T06:34:40Z Official v0.1 release 7-zip packet created and inspected, looks good.

2024-04-28T07:03:28Z And now its my lunch break...

2024-04-28T07:54:55Z Feeding time is over, back to making an ArmA 3 release.

Okay now its time to launch ArmA 3 with ULTRA settings and grab those screenshots for official home page, still I have no "formula" how to take them, I just have to check bunch of the existing terrain releases and write down some notes about which kind and how many screenshots I've taken. I do remember that it was normal white mapview (M), textured map view (I think?) and then four or more basic landscape terrain screenshots. Oh and some special location screenshots as well such as airfield / air base views, especially since this terrain is one of those which "hero asset" is the miroslawiec air base. And yes, I will now create brand new local notes page about precise method how to take screenshots, since I'm facing this problem and solve it, there is no point leaving it undocumented so that six months to a year from now I'd be facing the same problem again "how do i take screenies mommy!?!" hehe.

Browsed through most of the released PMC terrains with dedicated screenshots pages, got pretty good idea what kind of screenshots to take, actually it was pretty much what I vaguely remembered in the first place. Just a basic white mapview (M) screenshot of interesting area, then four or more nice looking landscape views and any special places like air base or cool coastline harbor etc. Yep, I got this.

2024-04-28T09:09:43Z ArmA 3 in-game screenshots taken, edited and converted for web HTML usage.

Then created torrent and updated PMC Tactical downloads page with miroslawiec entry with this new fresh torrent magnet link. One by one getting items off my release procedure check list.

2024-04-28T09:29:44Z It was time to start uploading web pages, no release yet but for me to double check everything in actual PMC apache web server to see PHP code, images, links etc are working OK.

Got web pages and screenshots updated, they seem to be working OK. Then uploaded the actual release 7-zip torrent to PMC seed box, not released yet or seeding.

2024-04-28T10:12:57Z Uploaded .torrent file to seedbox and started my PMC DevSurf seeding as well, still not released but I believe in some torrent swarms with some sort of magnet search index engine you could now already find "pmc_poland_miroslawiec_v0.1.7z" torrent file ;)

Still had to update changelog, got that done, then my release procedure check list had nothing but "push the big red button" tasks left, meaning the actual release, uploading downloads page with torrent link, posting news to and creating a forum topic.

2024-04-28T10:30:27Z PMC Poland Miroslawiec v0.1 has been released! Smiley :mrgreen:

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