Dev Diary PMC Poland Lask ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-12-26T07:31:00Z New editing day has started... I am still suffering from burnout boredom where I cant get anything started, but looking at calendar today is dec 26th and windows 8.1 support ends in two weeks and one day... if I don't get all these new terrains released, then there is a good chance they never get released, so I have to get it done now matter how burnt out I currently am.

Just started by taking copy-paste release procedure list to check everything before and during release. First checked mod.cpp which had all the up to date info, then config.cpp loadingTexts[] array and it also had all the necessary info there. Binarized pmc_poland_lask_cfg addon just in case the loadingTexts were not binarized yet.

My concentration was flaky, I took every opportunity to look elsewhere (check RSS news etc) when going through this check list, first few items on the list took probably 10 times as long as they should have, yeah today looks like to be just like any other burnout day for me, but one step at the time I'm pushing forward, I got to, time is running out.

2022-12-26T07:45:00Z Finished ArmA 3 in-game check, no issues no errors. And then... I fell into the lack of motivation burnout staring the monitor with blank look on my face mode again Smiley :(

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