Dev Diary PMC Poland Lask ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-12-01T10:36:00Z New editing day has started, todays goal... well uh dunno what to say, guess its releasing first version as I don't know the exact state the terrain development is right now. I assume everything is good to go for release but todays first TASK is to check the terrain in-game one more time with release in mind, if nothing comes up like "uh you cant release it like this" then we are good to go for release preparations.

So started the day by launching arma3, going to PMC Poland Lask in mission editor camera view and just browse / fly around there looking for any issues. This was done on PMC DevSurf computer so low viewdistance and settings, was thinking of starting up PMC Gaming computer for 4k and maxed out video settings but first had to get a good base line using editing computer.

2022-12-01T10:47:00Z Did the usual flying around in mission editor 3d camera view, could not see anything missing or broken, it looks fine to me. Umm now what.. Smiley :?

2022-12-01T11:26:00Z Read some addon releasing background in my local notes and then that usual burnt out bored feeling sneaks in, basically when I was ready to pull the trigger on creating release... my mood was just "blah, this is not what I'm interested right now" heh. I'm telling ya, burnout is no joke. There is NO logical reason for not starting release procedures but I just don't have the motivation to do it now Smiley :(

2022-12-02T09:14:00Z The next day felt the same way, in fact I didn't even have any desire to play arma3 or fs19 for that matter. After waking up I was simply going by my day so I can go to sleep at night. This is not fun.

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