Dev Diary PMC Poland Lask ArmA 3 Terrain

2023-11-12T09:41:00Z Started steamshit client and launched ArmA 3 with PMC poland terrain addons, went to check PMC Poland Lask and roads.shp is working (no offset bug), forests are livonia enoch objects, dunno what else to say. I ran this on PMC DevSurf using LOW video settings so graphics were incredibly low res, all the LODs were just blur legos anywhere outside the immediate camera viewDistance.

Overall view on the terrain status from this few minutes in mission editor looks like its ready for release, but I would do another more longer proper check, maybe put in ATV and drive around the roads a bit or something. Just wanted to document that if something would happen and I spend another few months away from ArmA 3 then I don't need to do this in-game check one more time Smiley ;)

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