Dev Diary PMC Poland Lask ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-07-12T06:50:00Z New editing day has started, todays goal is to fix few remaining issues:

- poland lask huge number of class names{} name* entries in mission editor locations Smiley ;)
- poland lask roads.shp is broken (global mapper save)
- poland lask roads.shp is offset
- poland lask satellite texture is too bright

In global mapper opened cropped_roads.shp so we get the original unedited OSM line data, then transformed it into terrain builder compatible UTM 31N 200,000/0 format. Then merged it with airfield_runways.shp file and set ID/ORDER.

Terrain builder imported roads.shp and exported it right back out again (sigh).

Deleted raster layer Sat_Tex_*.bmp source images. Then graphicsmagick darkened sat_*.png satellite texture tiles to desert style satellite values. Then terrain builder imported these new satellite texture tile images.

2022-07-12T07:10:00Z Terrain builder finished importing satellite texture. Then deleted unused cache files, saved project and exited.

Ran _run_delete_project_rvmat_png_paa_files.bat to delete existing layer files including terrain builder grid file which always delays layers generation finishing task.

2022-07-12T07:13:00Z Terrain builder started generating layers.

2022-07-12T07:56:00Z Finished generating layers, then started convert layers PNG to PAA fast bat.

2022-07-12T08:01:00Z Converting finished, then ran WRP and Data split bat file and layers RVMAT re-pathing bat file.

2022-07-12T08:10:00Z Started pboProject binarization.

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