Dev Diary PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-11-13 Satellite Texture / Mask Editing

2021-11-13T08:22:00Z Woke up today and started to global mapper export satellite mask. Once done ran GraphicsMagick white background color fix and PNG to BMP conversion to the tiles, then started to importing into terrain builder.

I won't be recording dev diary videos for this because most likely this doesn't work and the hours long footage raw files already has this footage so why not show the same thing twice.

2021-11-13T08:32:00Z Import failed, forgot to unpack (copy in this case) BPW files into global mapper project dir before importing, so all the tiles were stacked in bottom left corner, oops. Copied BPW files in the dir and lets try this again Smiley ;)

Satellite mask imported to terrain builder.

PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot

2021-11-13T08:47:00Z Started to generate layers.

2021-11-13T11:14:00Z Generate layers finished, boy do I wish this was not for nothing... so bored of waiting terrain builder to finish. Plus now I still have the usual PNG to PAA shuffle before pboProject binarizing.

Terrain builder generated 37,338 layers RVMAT files. I have never paid much attention to these, my understanding is that when you have several colors in satellite mask terrain builder generates more RVMATs instead of just the same number as surface tiles in layers dir. No idea, as I said I never paid any attention to this as it doesn't matter in every day terrain editing.


PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot

2021-11-13T12:26:00Z pboProject finished binarizing, tried arma3 in-game... still crashes, oh well it was worth the shot Smiley :(

Decided to fall back into single color satellite mask placeholder to get this terrain in-game and working, I'll figure out the detailed proper mask later. Jumped through all the hoops and started to generate layers.

While terrain builder was generating layers I started to work on proper OSM shape files for terrain processor use, I really want to crank in as many forest tree objects as I can, lets see if I can make terrain builder GAG Smiley :p

Forest_A1.tpp with hectare density 1 generates 32.1k objects. Below I'm going to list numbers in short format, I'm sure you figure out what they mean:

A2 21.8k
A3 8.7k
A4 9.2k
B1 67k
B2 51.2k
B3 28.9k
B4 19.4k
C1 42.5k
C2 40.8k
C3 55.8k
C4 16k
D1 28k
D2 40.7k
D3 63k
D4 109.9k

Then I calculated hectare density for each shape tile by dividing 2500 (2.5 million) with the value of hectare density 1 generated object count, for example A2 is 21.8k so its 2500/21.8 == 114.6 so we know that this tile can generate objects with hectare density 100 just fine and still be below our desired amount.

A1 78
A2 115
A3 287
A4 272
B1 37
B2 49
B3 87
B4 129
C1 59
C2 61
C3 45
C4 156
D1 89
D2 61
D3 40
D4 23

2021-11-13T14:15:00Z Started to experiment with the above numbers by generating objects, lets see what kind of object counts we get when we limit hectare density to 100 or what our above number suggests. Again new list of numbers (k is thousand and m is million):

A1 537.9k
A2 337.8k
A3 143.9k
A4 155k
B1 1.114m
B2 879.6k
B3 416.9k
B4 308.8k
C1 736.7k
C2 708.2k
C3 654.7k
C4 251.7k
D1 488.3k
D2 624.1k
D3 592.3k
D4 767k

All this counted together comes to ... only 8.716m objects. Hmm, that is, odd. But lets see in-game how forests look.

2021-11-13T14:47:00Z Generate layers with single color satellite mask finished. Now more through hoops jumping to get project ready for binarization.

All hoops jumped, now its ready for binarization but I'll first import those new objects generated by terrain processor.

2021-11-13T17:47:00Z All done, WRP exported and binarize running.

Tested and it works in-game, awesome.

PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot

Then switched to PMC Gaming computer to test with proper 4k hardware machine where I actually play games. I was really impressed by the heightmap elevations, how good OSM forest shapes were and the overall look of the terrain. Took some screenshots and uploaded to PMC discord while flying camera and then driving quad bike all terrain vehicle (ATV) around roads.

PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot

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