Dev Diary PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-11-11 Battle Of The Mysterious CTD

2021-11-11T14:12:00Z Back to this difficult name polish terrain Smiley :)

So was thinking how to fix this damn CTD issue, logic tells me that if its not objects or heightmap, it must be either satellite texture or mask. Now I deleted satellite mask raster layers and imported placeholder yellow bmp image, stretched it over the 65536 x 65536 meter area, then started to generate layers.

My hope if that there was something iffy with the previous satellite mask, too many colors or something weird. If this test fails now then only thing left is the satellite texture but cant imagine what could be wrong with it. If I use some other imagery for the satellite then heh there is not much left of this terrain anymore Smiley :)

Anyways, now we wait, terrain builder generate layers for texture ETA is about 1hrs 20min.

2021-11-11T16:22:00Z Terrain builder generate layers finished, exported WRP and saved project. Then started convert layers png to paa fast bat with 26 cores setup, go go go!

2021-11-11T16:36:00Z Convert layers png to paa bat finished, then it was just splitting the WRP data up (Separate Data Layers for smaller PBOs) and hitting pboProject start bat. I am feeling very optimistic that it would be the satellite mask that was broken, mostly because if it isn't... then hell man I have NO idea what else to try. Only thing comes to mind right now would be to completely re-download and re-create the source data; heightmap, satellite texture / mask. Heck maybe even try with blank flat 6m elevation heightmap just in case. Anyways we are not there yet, this blank mask image will work... trust me... I know what I'm doing...

Smiley :o


Once WRP splitting was done I ran pboProject ... and error came up:

Missing File Summary
P_000-000_L08.rvmat : a3\map_data\gdt_forest_pine_nopx.paa
P_000-000_L08.rvmat : a3\map_data\gdt_forest_pine_co.paa

Err what the HELL is going on with my p:\ installation now, after arma3 v2.06 upgrade I ran my usual bat file to clear p:\ and unpack arma3 addons there. WHAT went wrong... for fucks sake.

Okay time to unpack all that crap all over again. Ran my _run_arma_3_after_game_upgrade.bat and yeah it will not unpack roads_f.pbo and several others, no idea whats going on now except that mikero fucked up extractPboDos again.

2021-11-11T17:56:00Z Finally all a3\ PBO's unpacked and hopefully ready to go, time to run pboProject again.

2021-11-11T18:30:00Z Checked in-game and we have solved the crashing issue... it was satellite mask, that blank single color low res BMP stretched over to whole terrain fixed the CTD. Wow, first time ever had that happen.

Smiley :?

Really great feeling to get this terrain fixed, its now without a mask so "fixed" is kind of so-so term, but at least its in-game and I know what was the cause so I can avoid it in the future.

And the cause was the mask, need to do detailed inspection of the BMP files in global mapper project dir to see why arma3 didn't like it, most likely wrong colors or something like that, perhaps those BPW files were wrong or something, just dunno before thorough examination.

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