Dev Diary PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-26 My Forests

2021-10-26T23:09:00Z New editing day, took global mapper transformed_areas.shp and split the forests up to three individual shapes, so that these shape areas are smaller. Then put these shape files to terrain processor directory and edited the livonia TPP files to use them and increased hectare density to 125, this hopefully makes much thicker forest object density and because they are in smaller import files... terrain builder hopefully accept them without flipping out.

I'm trying to keep each object layer less than 10 million objects, actually if you keep it right up there you only can have two layers, here we have three and should have plenty of room to spare.

Its just that with my TPP task settings, MINDIST most likely, even with 125 density terrain processor doesn't seem to generate any more objects, guess it sees that oh okay this shape area is full of objects cant generate anymore so it doesnt matter even if you used crazy hectare density numbers.

Hmm maybe I need to first make the forest trees and then rocks and dead trees, hmm maybe.

2021-10-27T01:00:00Z Terrain builder exported WRP and it got now 6.850 million objects.

2021-10-28 Generating Objects

2021-10-28T03:10:00Z New terrain editing day for hulskie, was eyeballing bugs/issues list and there was note about heightmap roads not being smoothed. Hmm heightmap.asc was not present but heightmap_smoothed_roads.asc was, so I probably did not import that for the last WRP binarization.

Could not import it right away because pboProject was running for taiwan taipei with taiwan p:\pmc\ mount being active. This always pisses me off that I cannot edit different country / type terrain projects at the same time with terrain builder or pboProject.

Another bug report was that terrain processor task mask linear to clear objects from roads did not work, well not exactly true it did work but not good enough, its object distance was set to 12 meters which is not enough, trees can still creep into roads. I bumbed it to 15 which I used in VTE Nui Chet objects and started to run the TPP files all over again.

Millions of objects generated: First 1.031, second 2.949, third 2.858 hmm okay, that is 6.838 million objects so a little bit less than with 12m object distance for road cleaning, which makes sense. Okay sounds good to me.

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