PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Real World Data Terrain

40 kilometer x 40 kilometer terrain with high resolution satellite texture. View at google/maps

PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Terrains Satellite Texture PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Terrains Mission Editor Select

PMC Poland Hulskie is a medium size realistic real world data terrain. See more Hulskie Screenshots.

Heightmap source is SRTM 1-arc-second SRTM Plus v3 30m detail resolution. Satellite texture source is ArcGIS world imagery, 1 meter / pixel scale which is very high detail. Satellite mask is generated from OpenStreetMap (OSM) landuse and natural areas data. Roads are created from OSM data. You can learn more about how to create ArmA 3 Terrains from PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Terrain Tutorials.

This area is excellent european woodland terrain, not sure if those elevations are "rolling hills" they look more like mountains to me heh, there is no business driving a tank in those mountains that is for sure.

PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 terrain is work in progress (WIP), for example object editing has not been completed. If you find bugs or issues you would like to report, please contact us.

"How big map is 40 kilometers?" ArmA 3 default Stratis is 8.1 kilometers (eight point one), Altis is 30.7 kilometers, Tanoa is 15.3 kilometers and Livonia is 12.8 kilometers, so 40km is only 10km bigger than the largest bis terrain. PMC wont be making any smaller than 40km size terrains, unless its some special case like osama bin ladens compound or some small island where creating a huge empty ocean around it makes no sense.

PMC terrains are released with bisign keys for a proper dedicated server multiplayer use.

Terrain Specifications

Heightmap grid size: 4096 x 4096
Cell size: 10m
Satellite texture / mask resolution: 40,960 x 40,960 pixels
Satellite surface mask size: 1024 x 1024 pixels
Texture layer size: 40m x 40m
Objects count: 13.510 million


All the newest edits, bug fixes, additions etc can be read from changelog PMC Poland Hulskie.

Dev Diary

Very comprehensive details, thoughts, plans, pains, failures and successes are painstakingly documented often times with screenshots into Dev Diary PMC Poland Hulskie.

Please note that these are NOT tutorials, if you want to learn how to edit ofp/arma addons, please check PMC Editing Wiki.


PMC provides all our terrain addons with a mission pack. Some terrains also include campaign(s). Get campaigns from PMC ArmA 3 Campaigns page.

Required Addons

Required Addons: PMC Terrain Data and CUP Terrains Core and Maps.

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