Dev Diary PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-24 Project Started

2021-10-24T09:56:00Z Created this page Smiley :)

PMC Suwalki Gap is a 81.9km x 81.9km terrain which was created relatively recently in this whole large real world data terrain project. It was labeled as misc category and just weeks ago renamed to PMC Poland Suwalki to be uniform with out other terrain naming. Poland has a nice farming country side judging by the satellite imagery so I wanted to do one or two poland terrains to fill in our poland country category a bit Smiley :)

Poland Hulskie is the countrys south east corner region near the Solina dam / lake. This area was actually suggested by honger in PMC discord chat.

I was on my "arma3 2021 exit strategy" already but wanted to get these two poland terrains done, if I don't do it now there is no guarantees when it would happen, now is as good time as any.

Global Mapper project created, SRTM online source added, user feature grid created, KMZ exported, Terra Incognita downloading. It has started Smiley :)

PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Screenshot

Things were moving fast again, got satellite mask exported from global mapper, did OpenStreetMap (OSM) shape files as well, etc. Forgot to write all of it, I was like a dog in heat going after editing QUICKLYNOWMOREGIMMEEVERYTHINGNOWQUICKLY style Smiley ;)

While terra incognita was leeching I did more tasks on the background while waiting, latitude/longitude config.cpp, created Terrain Processor dir with obj_*.shp files moved there, copied Terrain Processor TPP Templates there and edited Smooth_Roads.tpp and ran it, then did the same for enoch/livonia forest TPP.

I have never done this while "TerrainProcessor" directory is sub dir for global mapper dir, I prefer to do this task once Terrain Builder project has been created but cant do that now as p:\pmc\ is mounted with taiwan symlink.

Hard at work. Here we have terrain processor which just finished generating only 4.585 million objects for our forests, hmm, odd, it should have blasted around 10 million, need to look into that.

PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Screenshot

2021-10-24T11:34:00Z And now we are waiting again for terra incognita to finish, its download 13 of 25 tile now. Zzz ...

It kind of pisses me off that terrain builder is tied to p:\ mount, at least I think it is, never tried to create a new terrain without the path being available, I mean it makes sense for it not to work. Or other way around I never tried to create project on other directory than p:\ like for example in the actual non mounted and symlinked p:\pmc\ dir. Who knows maybe it would work, dunno. Maybe p:\ is only used for buldozer which I never use as its such a piece of shit.

So, we wait. Patiently... Smiley ;)

Finally terra incognita finished, then used irFanview to check the JPG images for Terra Incognita Black Tiles, there was none, but unfortunately there was just utter terrible clouds, just completely ruining the satellite, this needs SO much clone brushing and pattern filling its not even funny. Truly a shame as otherwise the satellite looked great.

Hard at work leeching other terrains satellite and exporting one from this one.

PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Screenshot

Global mapper was done exporting satellite texture tiles, then inspected sat_*.png images for clouds which I knew there were way too many.

Cloud tiles: A3, A4, B3, B4, C3, C4, D3 and D4.

The clouds were huge like covering almost half a tile at worst, ugh yuck. I love clouds in real life, hate them in satellite textures Smiley ;)

Can't wait to do some american terrains with US NAIP source, no clouds there.

2021-10-24T13:36:00Z Lunch break, gotta get some chow...

2021-10-24T14:12:00Z Feeding time is over, lets start that dreaded GIMP cloud clone stamp tool brushing.

Got it done and GraphicsMagick then Darken Merge Picturemap Satellite Texture Tiles. Those clone brush and pattern fill locations were so huge you can clearly see them from overall satellite texture, too bad, but hey what can you do if source is so bad, only thing we can hope is that it will improve in future ArcGIS updates. And sure I could check out google/maps maybe it would have cloud free replacement, who knows.

Then started to import those terrain builder generated objects, 4.585 million and it took roughly one HOUR, again we wait hehe, Zzz ...

2021-10-24T16:29:00Z Got satellite texture and mask imported to terrain builder.

PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Screenshot

Can clearly see the clone brushed and mostly pattern filled areas, no good, oh well.

After terrain builder finished generating layers, exported WRP and started Convert Layers PNG to PAA Fast bat. At this point I was actually watching a movie on the background, there was not much to do as terra incognita was downloading another poland terrains satellite and hulskie is on the long process phase now, actually this is almost done, just Separate Data Layers for smaller PBOs, re-pathing RVMAT's and then its pboProject binarize time.

2021-10-24T18:19:00Z Alright everything done, pboProject binarization (PMC Editing Wiki: search "binarize") finished. So nice to have another new terrain in-game, not that I'm in any hurry to try it out or anything.

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