Dev Diary PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-28 Smooth Them Roads

2021-10-28T19:43:00Z Okay back to hulskie editing. Next bug to fix is heightmap roads not smoothed out. Was a bit confusing as terrain builder source dir did not have heightmap.asc but only smoothed out roads file, there always should be heightmap.asc file first.

Found heightmap.asc in global mapper dir, moved it to terrain builder dir and edited its header for 200000,0 coordinates. Then ran terrain processor road smoothing TPP to it. Then imported smoothed heightmap into terrain builder and rebuild terrain, exported WRP and saved project. Then it was just pboProject binarization of WRP addon (and _data/_cfg as they are instant).

2021-10-28T20:10:00Z pboProject binarization finished.

*** pmc poland_hulskie
Start time: 2021-10-28T1953
pboproject pmc_poland_hulskie_data
pboproject pmc_poland_hulskie_cfg
pboproject pmc_poland_hulskie
End time: 2021-10-28T2010

In-game things look good, heightmap roads are nicely smoothed out, great.

2021-11-14 Terrain Processor Work

2021-11-14T12:12:00Z New editing day has started for this terrain, I'm already doing terrain processor work for poland krus-something terrain and decided that while waiting I'll patch in the same edits into poland hulskie as well.

Plan is to take the latest enoch/livonia forest terrain processor TPP files and use for hulskie, they include tweaked values for dead trees, rocks and trees, the new task for bushes got added.

Backupped original terrain processor TPP files. Then deleted them and Forest_1.shp, 2 and 3.shp files. Used global mapper to export 4 x 4 grid OSM area shape files. Then copied roads.* files into terrain processor dir so I can just use generic copy paste road cleaning task pointing into current dir roads.shp instead of unique relative path+file.

Then generated objects with those TPP files, deleted terrain builder object layers dir err layer files heh. Started terrain builder, loaded poland hulskie and imported the LBT object files.

2021-11-14T15:56:00Z Terrain builder finally finished importing LBT objects, I was scared that terrain builder could be in brink of a crash so I exported WRP right away. Total objects: 13.510 million Smiley :)

Started to pboProject binarize terrain right away, gotta get to test this thing.

Checked in-game, looking nice but I still don't feel that thickness in the forest.

PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Screenshot

Here is all the current PMC polish terrains in european map, Hulskie is the southern most while PMC Poland Suwalki is the largest and northern most.

PMC Poland Hulskie ArmA 3 Screenshot

Funny little thing, PMC Poland Suwalki (gap) has actually more terrain from other countries than poland hehe. Oh well, its still poland for me Smiley :)

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