Dev Diary PMC Africa Niger Tongo ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-11-11 Dupe Hunt

2021-11-11T09:45:00Z Back to africa niger tongo tongo terrain editing after more than a week of no arma3 editing, at all, ugh (for the no editing part). Started by fixing the duplicate config.cpp class names{} entry for two "Tongo Tongo" names, I just investigated which is which and now the actual US special forces ambush point is "Tongo Tongo" and the dupe in south is "Unknown", its good enough for now.

Then cleaned up global mapper project dir by backupping PGW world file, deleting satellite, shape and other source files.

Hmm overall look to this terrain... yeah its ready for alpha release for the whole public in PMC Tactical website and not just that failed testing attempt in PMC discord previously.

Moving onto working the next terrain on the list.

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