PMC Terrain Clutter

PMC Terrain Clutter v1.6 for ArmA 2.

This is terrain clutter which can be used in WRP files (only useful for terrain editors). Purpose of this addon is to provide unified clutter addon for PMC 51km Desert, PMC Rattler and PMC Rugen terrain addons (and in future perhaps others).

Required Addons

No addons required, just ArmA 2 Combined Operations (ArmA 2 + ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead).


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA 2. For more details read HOWTO Install ArmA 2 Addons.


--- bugs
- ?

--- fixes v1.6
- summer vegetation update from beton/bushlurker

--- fixes v1.5
- unified all our terrains clutters into one addon.

--- v1.0
- initial release

Class Names

^ Class name ^ Name ^
|  |  |


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