PMC Rattler

PMC Rattler v1.9.2 for ArmA 2 Combined Operations.

This is 25.6km x 25.6km desert terrain for ArmA 2 (no, doesn't work with ArmA), includes airbase, war torn cities, villages, dirt road network, harbors and oilfields.

Screenshots: ArmA 2 Screenshots page.


--- fixes v1.9.2
- pmc skybox remove is now required addon.
- intro cutscene added.

--- fixes v1.9.1
- pmc_terrain_obj migration to the new chopped up version.

--- fixes v1.9
- harbor objects aligned properly.
- roads needed in bases and oil fields, added.

--- fixes v1.8
- satellite texture resolution increased from 12800 to 20480.
- satellite texture pretty much remade completely (still not good though).
- terrain height field increased from 512 grid to 1024 grid, cell size from 50 meters to 25 meters (more details).
- ambient civilian modules added.
- obsolete ags_build addon dependency removed.
- pmc_terrain_clutter is now used.

--- fixes v1.4
- pmc_51km_desert_obj renamed into pmc_terrain_obj.
- pmc_51km_desert_obj_cfg renamed into pmc_terrain_obj_cfg.

--- fixes v1.3
- new satellite texture according to original texturing.
- clutter rvmat's tweaked.
- clutter model missing rvmats, fixed.
- terrain selector picture improved.
- mod / expansion picture added for main menu.
- map grid upgraded to 8 digit system.
- ils (automatic landing system) was not working, fixed.
- config class missing errors fixed.
- pmc_rattler_obj merged into pmc_51km_desert_obj (you need to download pmc 51km desert now).
- signatures with v2 keys.
- first arma2 release.

Required Addons

ArmA 2 Combined Operations (ArmA 2 + ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead).

AGS Industrial Pack, AGS Port / Harbor Pack, PMC Terrain Clutter, PMC Terrain Objects and PMC Skybox Remove addons. Take a note that these are ArmA 2 versions!


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA 2. For more details read HOWTO Install ArmA 2 Addons.


Please send bug reports or other feedback so I can try to improve this port. To make sure feedback reaches me, register to PMC Tactical Forums and post there.


Download links from PMC Tactical ArmA 2 Downloads page.

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