Aegean Theater v3

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Aegean Theater v3

Post by Phoenix711 » 2008-09-14 10:09:32

225 MB. I'll add links as they increase. Mirrrors will be appreciated. Please report broken links.

I'll post minor fixes / edits here too (if any). ... 1.exe.html


You better delete c:\Egetemp manually before running this installer if it exists. No problems, just in case of additional old files showing up (Like old TE's)

To Install: Press Uninstall first, it removes old aegean. Then Re-Run and press install.

Change Log:

A working Campaign is added.
Custom tile's paths added (City roads).
Bandirma base area is GE tiled.
Kastelli base area is GE Tiled.
Mykonos island is GE Tiled completely.
Farm tiles changed with more realistic ones.
Hill tiles changed with more realistic ones.
Variations for hill and rock tiles added.
Airbase tiles changed with Tom Waelti's hitiles with his permission. Integrated to the new terrain tiles.
All the terrain checked for errors and all the coasts are leveled so no anormal sea rising in game. Road network checked and corrected to some degree.
Naval template TE added.
TE's added for easily finding GE tiled areas.
Zsolt's C130 and F-5E skins added to both countries (Selectable via installer)
Turkish building skins added (Optional via installer)
F-16 D Turkish skins added.

Some Info:

Even we have a working campaign, ground units seem to stuck at some places. But air war goes full scale and squadron numbers and locations are as close to reality as possible.

We tested the theater flying TEs with 8-9 online pilots, and AI pilots, on both allied and enemy side, no problems. We have flown 3-4 missions like this with no big issues. Not tested campaign online tho.

I want to thanks Tom Waelti for the hitile base tiles, he gave us permission to use them, and Zsoltfireman for the F-5 and C-130 skins for both countries.

I hope you enjoy flying over the beutiful countries and islands of Turkey and Greece.

Bandirma area has no assigned TE. Just create a flight taking off from BANDIRMA. The area is GE tiled too.

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Post by Snake Man » 2008-09-14 10:38:50

Gongratulations for the v3 release!

I have posted news about it in our frontpage and also added RSS news feed entry.
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Post by derStef » 2008-09-14 11:21:59

congrats for your release!

good work!


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Post by ccc » 2008-09-14 12:53:21

congrats! 8-)

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Post by bigstone » 2008-09-14 17:24:04

Awesome. I still fly FF3.1.1/Cobra1.1.1. Is your mod made for the old FF3/Cobra or is it made for Red Viper?

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Post by Phoenix711 » 2008-09-14 22:42:37

It is made for Open Falcon.

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Post by molnibalage » 2008-09-15 17:15:49

Why don't you fly with FF4?
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Post by Phoenix711 » 2008-09-15 21:24:49

I tried it. It is just I am a hardcore flyer, couldn't find what I expect from FF4. I find it more in OF.

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Post by i_hawk » 2008-09-28 08:09:05

Hey Phoenix... did a fast & dirty copy-paste from OF installation to RV... had of course to copy the objects folder from RV Korean DB and also had to copy files from the weather folder... but it runs nicely: ... 095448.jpg ... 095627.jpg


The campaign doesn't work (I guess it's for OF DB)... but all else seems to run fine...

Someone want to create a terrain for RV on Aegen theater? :)

I guess dedicated skins may be used with permission from the creators...

Terrain looks great!
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Post by ccc » 2008-09-29 14:40:27

great- how about packing it into a RV compatible version?

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Re: Aegean Theater v3

Post by Turbo » 2008-12-13 22:07:55

Nice one... thanx a lot!!!

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