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PMC websites from shared hosting to Virtual Private Server

Post by Snake Man » 2017-09-24, 10:00:32 PM

Yesterday was the big move, we moved PMC websites from shared hosting to Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Our shared web hosting was really bad, we ran out of memory and "entry processes" quite often and then our sites gave "Internal Server Error" or were just really slow. I experienced this many times over the past year myself.

I was so embarrassed when linking our PMC Editing Wiki tutorials to someone and then they tell me the website is down :(

But now I've been assured the this VPS where I chose to run Linux Ubuntu 16.04 configured by myself (yikes) has enough CPU, RAM and software capabilities to run all our websites.

Got to admit, this is the real way to run websites; in a linux shell and not in some lame shared thing where you only got stupid cPanel access :)

Obviously VPS is almost three times more expensive than shared hosting, but hey you gotta do whatever it takes to keep sites running like a pro. We get no donations from users so I'm saving (especially now with this more expensive VPS) throughout the year to pay the internet bills. But I guess if you think about it how much our sites are used, even by myself... the daily not to mention hourly cost is still quite low.

Anyways. New linux ubuntu VPS is rocking and lets hope everything runs smoothly over the next year before we need to renew this VPS the first time.
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