PMC Libya Benghazi

Part of ArmA 3 PMC Real World Data Terrains project. Location in real world: google/maps

143km x 143km with 143,360 x 143,360 resolution satellite image from ArcGIS world imagery (1 meters / pixel).

At October 2017 this is the largest satellite texture / mask on any released ArmA 3 terrain. With its combined heightmap + terrain + satellite size, this made PMC Libya Benghazi the largest terrain ever to be released for ofp/arma engines, well until PMC Iran Jahrom was released :)

Required Addons

PMC Opteryx Objects

CUP terrains (core)


--- v0.1
- initial release

--- v0.1.1
- airfield 1 elevations leveled
- airfield 2 elevations leveled
- location names added
- openstreetmap road shapefile fixed.
- airfield temporary runway texture added (also in mapview)
- srtm 0m water depths fixed to -3m

--- v0.1.2
- ocean depths set for -5m to -50m elevation
- water creeping through land, fixed

--- v0.2
- 406,883 vegetation and building objects added

--- v0.3
- new satellite texture from arcgis world imagery
- new satellite mask created
- randomly placed building objects removed
- class names{} is not utf-8


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