PMC Real World Data Terrains

Terrains created using SRTM heightmaps, satellite images from or ArcGIS world imagery, roads from (OSM) shapefiles.

OSM shapefiles used for; vegetation objects according to landuse and natural. Location names from place names. Building placement with random placement (meaning not the normal manually created cities). 2020-12-04 we are phasing out randomly placed buildings as they look so bad.

This project started January 2017 after figuring out how to get real world data from online, into terrain builder and arma3. Read the background story in PMC Tactical Forums.

High view distance is recommended when playing on PMC real world data terrains, see bis wiki setViewDistance and bis wiki setObjectViewDistance. setViewDistance of 10km and setObjectViewDistance of 5km is no problem on almost every PMC real world data terrain. Then depending on object placement like forest thickness, you can crank it up even more. On some desert terrains you can easily run 20km maybe even 40km view distance. Start with 10km and increase the value depending on your need and hardware capability.

See also PMC Tactical ArmA 3 Terrain page.

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