PMC Opteryx Objects

Middle Eastern Objects (buildings, houses, fences, walls etc) for ArmA 3 by Opteryx and PMC.

Middle eastern style structures with additional objects. Mostly focused on Iraq for example several Saddam Hussein murals. Also suitable for Syria and Libya terrains.

Can be placed for WRP terrains using Terrain Builder, arma3 eden 3d editor or Map Builder (includes mapbuilder config categories). Or simply used in missions by placing them in mission editor.

Objects can be found under eden editor -< assets -< props -< PMC Opteryx Objects (buildings and misc).

PMC Opterys Objects ArmA 3 Screenshot PMC Opterys Objects ArmA 3 Screenshot


Opteryx abandoned his OPX2 project and released MLODs models and textures as open source:

> I am regretably abandoning this project (at least for the foreseeable future), I feel like it became too much work and that turned the priority into quantity over quality so I'm not very happy with the results. These models are unfinished and really outdated in terms of quality and I would rather focus on making fewer, but higher detailed assets for Arma. It kinda sucks giving up on a project that I've worked on for some long. Some of these models even date back to Arma 1, so I figured it would be a waste to let all that work go to nothing and I have therefore uploaded all my OPX2 models open source here.
> You may edit and reuse these models as you see fit, I only ask that you credit me and that you do not recompile them as "opxbuildings2" or "opxmisc2" as I may republish these addons finished some time in the future.
> It's not great work, but maybe some of you will find these assets useful. -Opteryx, June 20th 2016.

March 2017 PMC Real World Data Terrains were released and we had urgent need for middle eastern buildings, PMC took Opteryx's objects and fixed them for release condition, journey has begun :-)

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Required Addons



Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA 3. For more details read HOWTO Install ArmA 2 Addons.


See full Manual PMC Opteryx Objects Changelog.

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