Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Odesa ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-04-15 Hunt For The Freeze Bug

2022-04-15T08:33:00Z New editing day has started, not many hours ago I released PMC Africa Niger Tongo terrain, then checked out Hcpookie's artillery pack a bit but now I'm back to PMC terrain editing and ukraine odesa is next on the list. Just finished reading this dev diary through and uh oh, there is bad news with that strange arma3 freeze.

Hmm if too many RVMATs is not the reason, then what... hmm. Checked pmc_ukraine_odesa_data_layers addon and there was a bit over 12,000 RVMAT files, that should not cause any issues with arma3.

I know I know dev diary is clear, but just to triple check my stubborness I'm going to launch arma3 and try loading odesa, also maybe checking RPT for errors, who knows maybe there are some clueds.

Checked in arma3 and yup, it freezes when loading into mission editor, RPT is... clean, there is nothing much than basic arma3 init stuff and the it just stops, no warnings no errors.

Alright I'm going to jump straight away to hardcore debugging mode, going to load some previously well known flat heightmap, lets say todays release africa niger tongo, nice and flat, then remove all objects and then binarize, if it still freezes then the issue is definitely satellite texture/mask which means RVMAT files from the mask somehow.

Got flat style heightmap imported, rebuilt terrain and exported object-less WRP, moveObject re-pathed WRP and then started pboProject binarization, lets hope this works...

2022-04-15T09:35:00Z Binarization finished, lets see if terrain loads in arma3 ...

Negative, no go, doesn't load Smiley :(

Yeah its 99% sure the satellite mask RVMAT config files now, it cant be anything else if heightmap and objects are not the issue.

Hmm alright so I'm going to delete existing layers PAA files and RVMATs, then import YELLOW BLANK satellite mask image, generate layers and then we'll see what happens in arma3.

2022-04-15T09:46:00Z Terrain builder started to generate layers, this will take couple of hours. It might be real tight if I get this binarized tonight before my bed time...

2022-04-15T11:37:00Z Layers generated and launching convert layers PNG to PAA fast bat.

While that was running added Russian invasion of Ukraine starting day to config.cpp startDate.

As the satellite mask was single color (yellow), it generated only about 1,800 RVMAT files.

2022-04-15T12:00:00Z Started binarizing. Noon is good binarizing time.

2022-04-15T12:33:00Z Binarize finished, moment of truth, does single color satellite mask work or not...

Nope, doesn't work. Okay I'm getting tired its been a long day for me, I'm not going to even bother working on this more, going to chill rest of the evening and tomorrow we continue debugging this bitch. Most likely will go hardcore again and re-create whole terrain builder project from scratch.

Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure ...

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