Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Odesa ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-04-15 I Am The Solution To Your Problems

2022-04-15T19:54:00Z New editing day has started, was thinking about what to do with this project last night and now that I woke up, no possible bug causes come to mind, so I'm just going to nuke it from the orbit, its the only way to be sure... meaning, deleting terrain builder project and re-creating it from scratch.

Luckily I still have the full global mapper source data directory, so importing satellite texture/mask is easy.

2022-04-15T20:05:00Z Created terrain builder project, imported heightmap, satellite texture mask placeholder image and now started to import satellite texture tiles.

2022-04-15T20:36:00Z Importing done, now started to generate layers, this is the long one, couple of hours at least Smiley :(

In the mean time I was editing some tweaks to web pages, stuff that I wanted to do several days now, like making the duplicated text descriptions as php include files, for example 40km and 81km terrain size for dummies "how big map is ...", that text.

I'm probably going to run out of things to do before terrain builder has finished generating layers. Man do I hate waiting...

2022-04-15T22:10:00Z Completely unrelated matter but it reflects on my mood so I have to mention it here, while terrain builder was generating layers I checked out Hcpookie's artillery and SAM packs, I had tested these alredy in 2018 and 2019, but now these latest updates give arma3 error dialog and huge error spam in RPT log, I was extremely disappointed to discover this as my plan was to start using these vehicles in PMC missions Smiley :(

PMC has zero tolerance policy for errors, if addon has errors we wont be using it. So I wont be using Hcpookie's arty/sam packs until those error popups have been fixed.

Now of course life ain't that black and white, if you look at CUP for example, well its RPT log is filled with errors too, but the difference is that in-game error dialog which STOPS your mission and requires to click Close/continue/OK button is completely unacceptable, luckily CUP doesn't have any of those.

Feels like such a tease, you have all these nice arty/sam vehicles available but you cant use them because of errors Smiley :(

2022-04-15T22:25:00Z Finished generating layers, started convert layers PNG to PAA fast bat.

2022-04-15T22:45:00Z Done converting PNGs to PAAs, next started to Separate Data Layers for smaller PBOs. Getting close to binarization time again.

I'm currently running arma3, but not using ukraine odesa terrain so should not cause any conflict issues when binarizing and overwriting those PBO files.

2022-04-15T22:47:00Z Started binarizing. Really hoping this would work, because if it wont... then I truly don't know what voodoo magic would Smiley ;)

2022-04-15T23:19:00Z Done, now next arma3 check, moment of truth...

Still freezes Smiley :(

Alright, what the fuck is going on with this terrain, BRAND NEW terrain builder project has been created with nothing on it except heightmap and satellite texture/mask (and mask is single color too).

Hmm going to restore some stock default config.cpp just in case and try it out.

Hmm what the hell is this, on config.cpp class names{} pmc_names.hpp I found this:

class place1
	name = "Одеса";
	position[] = { 125946, 5.15036e+06 };
	type = "nameLocal";

The second coordinate is all out of whack, eh how come. So commented out include pmc_names.hpp line, binarized _cfg addon and tested in arma3... it works. Shiet. Well another good piece of information learned today, make sure class names{} do not have faulty coordinates.

2022-04-15T23:53:00Z Maybe its the disappointing addon discovery or just lack of sleep dunno, but at this point was all out of editing energy even though just found a cause for the terrain freeze. Just had no motivation and will to continue editing, probably going to take a nap...

2022-04-16T03:30:00Z Woke up from nap, put Terrain Builder Template Libraries and objects layer file back in place, then started to import satellite mask tiles. In global mapper just finished transforming OSM place names properly without them being "off the known universe" with the massive second coordinate, copy pasted them into pmc_names.hpp now our arma3 mission editor freeze bug has been fixed.

Lets get this fucking terrain done.

2022-04-16T03:46:00Z Terrain builder generate layers with full satellite mask, just started...

While that process was running I was editing PMC multiplayer missions, PMC Long Pluto v1.0.4 to be exact, launched dedicated server on windows 8.1 and was game-play testing the mission while convert layers PNG to PAA fast bat was running, had some slight stutter at the same time in arma3 Smiley ;)

2022-04-16T06:13:00Z Finally binarize is chewing on the freshly created files, hopefully this works.

It works, "whohoo".. yup. Okay discovered several small cleanup items, plus the big thing which is the coastline water creeping to land issue I still need to fix. Right now got excited about multiplayer mission editing and would like to edit and play some more heh.

2022-04-16T07:09:00Z Actually to hell with it, I'll do what I want... going to edit/play some MP missions for now until I get bored with that or until the day is over Smiley ;)

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