Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Mykolaiv ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-10 GIMP Coastline Painting

2022-03-10T21:16:00Z Today in-game test shows that roads.shp is not saved properly in terrain builder and roads are not working.

Airfield 1 had taxiway alike roads, removed them in global mapper.

Used terrain builder to import roads.shp, then simply exported it back out again into the same file. Yes I know sounds stupid, but something goes wrong in global mapper export and arma3 wont accept the shape file, so I have to do this stupid dance in terrain builder now.

2022-03-10T21:40:00Z Discovered that pmc_ukraine_mykolaiv_data addon roads/ dir was missing RoadsLib.cfg file, heh ouch, my bad Smiley :)

So ran pboProject binarization (PMC Editing Wiki: search "binarize") again and tested in-game, works OK.

I really didn't want to do it... but the big river in mykolaiv area has no GIMP Ocean Satellite Texture painting, so I need to get it done because the water color in satellite texture just looks so bad.

2022-03-10T22:43:00Z Finished doing A1-4 and B1-4 tiles, but it was too much again, had to take a break I just feel like I'm crawling out of my skin when drawing free hand selections along th coastlines, it is just so ... something, not exactly frustrating but ... stressing I guess, something like that, I just find it extremely unpleasant to spend HOURS drawing these selections.

Man if I only knew some automated way to get them selected Smiley :(

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