Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Melitopol ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-25 Ocean Editing

2022-03-25T15:00:00Z New editing day has started, just moments ago I released PMC Ukraine Kyiv and now jumping to edit the next terrain in queue, no time to waste.

I got three bug/issue reports; south central ocean northern most tip is 0m elevations and not painted with Ocean Satellite Texture pattern and airfield class names is missing.

Okay so the first heightmap issue might be interesting to fix, requires L3DT editing. The second satellite texture issue, if I already deleted the global mapper export PNGs, then it takes couple of hours to re-export them and definitely will be overnight task.

2022-03-25T15:39:00Z Checked global mapper dir and, well you can guess... no work files present, oh well started to export satellite texture. This will take hours, if I am really lucky I get to start tonight before going to bed, although usually at that last 16th hour I am in zombi mode and have not much motivational editing energy left.

But its now exporting and in the mean time I'll fix everything else I can on the terrain builder size, starting from the easiest task which is the config.cpp class names{} err class for airfield location name.

2022-03-25T15:43:00Z Done, airfield class names{} is added, simple copy paste job. Global mapper estimated finish: 1826hrs and that is usually very accurate. Hmm quick check on my phone alarm timers and nope, not going to make it before my bed time, but lets proceed one moment at the time, who knows maybe I have one of those insomnia days that I have plenty of energy left in three or so hours.

Used L3DT to load melitopol project up, edited the coastline for the northern most ocean "fingertip", L3DT wise it looked good, dunno how it actually looks in arma3.

Started terrain builder and loaded the project up, then imported this new L3DT exported heightmap.

2022-03-25T16:06:00Z At this point I cant do anything else, no other bugs/issues are reported and it takes hours for global mapper to finish exporting so I can paint the northern most coastline "fingertip".

Going to close melitopol editing operations for today, maybe I could squeeze in some other editing progress on other projects or even PMC Tactical web work, heck I could basically already do melitopol web pages, hmm maybe, but tomorrow I'll continue editing the coastline satellite textures and we'll go from there.


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