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2022-03-17 Second Release Attempt

2022-03-17T21:51:00Z Another day has started, yesterday after doing the mission pack work I just didn't feel like editing anything, was one of those burnout days where you stare empty computer screen. It happens when you edit five years straight.

Not sure I feel any more energetic today but I feel pressured to release this and other terrains. It is completely ridiculous that I have now edited arma3 PMC terrains for combined three months or so and all the great terrains which are release ready are just collecting dust in my hard disk drive (HDD) as I cant seem to gather the motivational energy to release them.

Background info: late july 2021 I returned to ArmA 3 editing and created brand new terrains for taiwan, poland, africa and ukraine. All these terrains got left unreleased when in mid november I continued Farming Simulator 19 playing as Farming Simulator 22 got released on nov 22nd 2021. Since then those arma3 terrains have been just collecting dust.

I am monitoring PMC web server Apache log in Linux shell and seeing a lot of traffic / hits to the Falcon 4 PMC Ukraine theater and PMC arma3 ukraine terrains. Everytime I see one of those hits it reminds me that dude, release that fucking stuff will ya Smiley :)

I feel bad for the community as there are some idiots in steam shitshop who have done some kind of collections of "ukraine mapz" which have precisely 0.0 ukraine terrains in them... haha. So I truly don't know what mental cock block do I have for not putting more interest / effort on releasing brand new and upgraded PMC Ukraine terrains (and poland, taiwan etc) for everyone to enjoy.


2022-03-17T22:11:00Z Few moments into planning the release and I was already drifting into the mind goes blank mode, nothing has changed since yesterday, I just don't have the motivational energy to drive me into great editing things, I just have no "feeling" or mood for going through the release procedure.

I do have slight interest to edit some web pages, I am pissed off how many bot "hacking" attempts Dokuwiki PMC Tactical Addons/Mods Manuals website is getting. When these web crawler / spider / bots detect specific login allowing web site they will daily, systematically try to gain access to the web site. I see hourly attempts to login into dokuwiki. This is the reason I want to get rid of dokuwiki in PMC Tactical Addons/Mods Manuals web site and transfer all the information into plain and simple html which is written by me, no logins, no fancy stuff to try to hack into.

Such transfer of course is no small matter, it is huge amounts of copy-pasting, typing and creating new html web page code / text. But in a long run I believe it to be the right option.

I started using dokuwiki and wordpress several years ago because it was new and cool stuff at that particular time, today I feel differently, plain and simple static html code will do just fine, especially when talking about the horrendous garbage that wordpress is. PMC Editing Wiki is fine as dokuwiki, it is used by several communities so transferring that to html would break literally thousands of links not to mention its called PMC Editing Wiki hehe so I wont be doing it, our manuals web site gets very little traffic so wont be a big deal to break those links.

Dunno, guess in a way I want to be in full control of my web sites, I hate wordpress shit with a great passion and now seeing those "hacking" login attempts into dokuwiki makes me worried as well. My own written html is the right way.

2022-03-18T01:59:00Z Been working on release procedure for hours now, mostly writing html web page code/text. Now its time to take a lunch break ...

2022-03-18T02:31:00Z Feeding time over, back to writing this page Smiley ;)

2022-03-18T04:16:00Z Finished editing and proof reading this page. Added links to all important info here, its nice for you guys and hey maybe even me years in the future to quickly click a link to see what the hell I'm talking about Smiley :)

2022-03-18T05:22:00Z Updated screenshots to this page and added few more PMC Tactical Forums topic links in the beginning 2017 header. Time seems to go by fast with little progress, I clearly have some mental cock block about release, nothing takes this long if you really want to get it done. Hoh.

But this is important for dev diary, its not just about editing addons... but also release process, which I'm working on right now. Making proper releases is not just snapping your fingers and shit magically appearing online, oh no not even close.

Edited pmc_ukraine_mariupol.txt and 2._run_pack_latest_release.bat files to PMC Ukraine Mariupol v0.3 release, then ran the bat to actually pack the release.

2022-03-18T05:34:00Z PMC Ukraine Mariupol v0.3 release has been packed.

Then proceeded to take screenshots, this will be to my recollection the first real world data terrain with extensive screenshot coverage, usually I've only used the satellite texture as web page screenshot including PMC Tactical and bis forums posts.

Had some problems as first screenshots I took arma3 as video settings Fullscreen, then I switched to Fullscreen Window mode and first screenshot was all black for arma3 (my left and right monitors were showing up OK), then the last image I took back in fullscreen mode was again different size. Not a show stopper but just annoys me a great deal Smiley :)

Hmm I need to come up with some decent way of snapping screenshots while I play, I will not use the piece of shit steam garbage client screenshot feature, so need to get some other tool, dunno why greenShot util will not work when arma3 is running, hmm maybe need to browse its settings maybe there is something which is disabled. Edit: nothing in preferences that would somehow suggest game capture of sorts.

I'm also freaking out as there is threat of GPU crashing Nvidia drivers, so I'm quickly trying to get screenshots taken before the VRAM or whatever fills up and crash most likely will occur. Heh issue after issue.

2022-03-18T07:47:00Z Editing these release pages just drags on and on, now need to take a lunch break, days last feeding time, then its mad rush to see if I actually manage to release this terrain today.

2022-03-18T09:21:00Z Its UTC morning time, americans are sleeping and euro trash in school or work (well COVID-19 restrictions in mind I guess), so nobody is around. I'm going to delay the release to 18th evening which for me is tomorrow. Currently cant think of anything else to edit, next would really be the torrent creation and uploding/seeding before starting to write release forum topic and news text.

Today turned sneakily to a long day of web page editing, kind of good mood about that, we should be good to go for a release tomorrow.

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