Falcon 4.0 Ukraine Theater

Background of Ukraine.PMC Tactical Falcon 4 Ukraine Theater Map
Ukraine conflict was much in news headlines at 2015, here is your chance to simulate that conflict in Falcon 4.

Size and Coordinates
These are the technical details of Ukraine theater. Its an 64 segment theater which same size as original Microprose Korean theater. Here are the specifications...

Size (L2 segments): 64 x 64
Size (L2 tiles): 1024 x 1024
Size (Nautical Miles): 552.377 x 552.377
Resolution: 0.134858 Nautical Miles
Centered on: Lat 48.5 Long 35
NW: Lat 53.1031 Long 27.3329
NE: Lat 53.1031 Long 42.6671
SW: Lat 43.8969 Long 28.612
SE: Lat 43.8969 Long 41.388
Highest point: 8744ft
Lowest point: 0ft

Currently textures (tiles) are the default Korean with custom tiling.

Three campaigns from difficulties easy, medium and hard. NATO and Ukrainian forces in Ukraine territory against the massive Russian assault, do you have what it takes to stop the ruskies?

Version and Download
Latest version can be found from Falcon 4.0 PMC Theaters page.