Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Mariupol ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-16 Release Attempt

2022-03-16T22:02:00Z New editing day started more than half an hour ago already. Today (my "today") is mariupol release day.

Used 1._run_sign_generic.bat file to generate bis signature files for addon pbos plus the main signature key file. Then created C:\armap\arma3\Users\SnakeMan\Missions\Real_World_Data\pmc_civilian_aircraft_tour.pmc_ukraine_mariupol\ mission.

This mission is just a simple civilian "cessna" aircraft already flying in the air over the mariupol airfield. Created basic description.ext and script SQF files for briefing and tasks, but they are mere well not placeholders but there is not much to see in them.

2022-03-17T00:12:00Z Checked out my "worldSize mission pack" compile bat file and it generated sickening number of missions, I believe 1040 total for all the PMC terrains. This included dozens of missions for Ukraine terrains and those did not include the new ones other than Yenky.

How playable these single player (SP) missions are, is another matter. There was also couple of cutscene missions like the old "Real War 4" which has been used many times over the years.

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