Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Luhansk ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-21 v0.3 Release Day

2022-03-21T23:27:00Z New editing day has started, hopefully longer than what the previous day was hehe.

Only got one bug/issue on my list, that is airfield runways heightmap not smoothed. Okay easy job in L3DT.

First started terrain builder and exported heightmap.asc file. While doing that I noticed objects layer still had all kinds of bad layers in there, farm, etc which surely put ugly bushes on farm land. So went and deleted all the object layers, going to terrain processor generate brand new obj_forest anyways.

Terrain builder went into some bad mode, the deleting object layer "please wait" type dialog was on forever, otherwise terrain builder worked fine, I tried to save the project but that also got stuck, so eventually had to task manager kill the task.

I was really worried that now when I load the project back up, its going to be broken. Luckily it was working OK. Objects layer obj_forest was still there, it did not get deleted, so I saved the project and exited.

Then deleted obj_forest in windows file explorer, loaded project back up again, removed Terrain Builder Template Libraries, copied new CUP template library files in, then loaded them into terrain builder, save and exit.

On terrain processor dir deleted all files except obj_forest.*, then copied the latest forest generation and road smoothing TPP files there (Terrain Processor TPP Templates), also copied roads.* files copying bat there (a lot of copying going on oh wow).

Started terrain processor to generate obj_forest and road smoothing.

PMC ArmA 3 Screenshot

But uh oh, this obj_forest was huge, it generated way too many objects, 9.572 million, yikes! Smiley :o

PMC ArmA 3 Screenshot

Yeah 9.572 million objects is so much that I highly doubt terrain builder would import them into a single object layer.

Hmm not sure if I should split the OSM natural/landuse areas into 2 x 2 grid tile setup to lower that amount or just try to import it, hmm hmm. Okay lets try to import it and see what happens, my recollection is that 10 million objects is pretty much the limit you can import into a single objects layer.

2022-03-21T23:59:00Z Started importing objects, ETA shows 1h 10min heh.

While terrain builder was gagging on that object LBT file, I went and L3DT smoothed out airfield runways in the heightmap.asc file.

Then it was again a waiting game, at this point terrain builder object import ETA was 49min, uuh..

2022-03-22T01:07:00Z Terrain builder finished importing objects and I saved the project, no issue, wow I am amazed.

Next imported the roads and airfield runways smoothed heightmap.asc in and rebuilt terrain. Then exported WRP (CTRL-E) and it worked fine too, nice.

Objects count 9.572 million in the WRP now.

2022-03-22T01:12:00Z Started pboProject binarization.

Switched mod.cpp files actionName and name properties so that name is first line, apparently if it is not then bis arma3 launcher uses the actionName as addon name Smiley ;)

2022-03-22T07:08:00Z After a break did extremely fast arma3 in-game check, it wasn't more of a check than to see it loads without crashing and that airfield runways are smoothed out. Both were OK.

2022-03-22T08:18:00Z Took another more careful look, yeah forests look good, everything else looks fine too, seems this terrain is good to go for release.

2022-03-22T11:02:00Z Started to create PMC Ukraine Luhansk new web pages.

2022-03-22T12:14:00Z This dev diary page was set with the content it had up to this point, including screenshots. Also I took the regular in-game arma3 screenshots for Screenshots page.

2022-03-22T13:12:00Z Finished adding links and small tweaks to this page, this is pretty much good to go for a release Smiley :)

2022-03-22T15:16:00Z PMC Ukraine Luhansk v0.3 has been released! Smiley :D

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