Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Ivankiv ArmA 3 Terrain

This is dev diary for PMC Ukraine Ivankiv ArmA 3 real world data terrain by PMC.

We have been writing development or developer diaries to PMC Tactical Forums for two decades, these addon dev diaries are spread to many forum topics. One example PMC Tactical Forums: Vietnam: The Experience Neverending development diary 2007-10-13. On 2020 things changed in Farming Simulator 19 editing community when we started to write detailed dev diaries as web html pages because we had no forum, now in 2022 the same dev diary story telling continues in ofp/arma community.

These dev diaries are my current on the fly thoughts and emotions, if I feel shitty I will clearly state that. I try to avoid it but sometimes there might be hilarious profanity rants when things don't go exactly as I planned, so if you are "offended" by few curse words you probably should stop reading now Smiley ;)

Also these dev diaries are written to many addon projects and sometimes repeating the same lines of text or taking exact same screenshots feels stupid so there might be text just listing boring "I did XYZ and then ZYX" type of info without further details. And remember; this is NOT a tutorial, this is entertainment Smiley ;)

Time stamps are Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

2022-03-01 Project Started

2022-03-01T10:00:00Z This page was created.

2022-03-01T10:11:00Z Created Global Mapper project, changed to UTM Projection, did user created feature grid, exported PMC_Grids shapefile and KMZ. Checked for overlap_ukraine, no overlap, we are good to go.

Now we wait for the long queue of Terra Incognita downloads before we can proceed.

2022-03-07 Global Mapper Editing

2022-03-07T19:11:00Z New editing day has stated. I'm currently editing PMC Ukraine Odesa but its being hold up by long global mapper processes so time to put in few edits to ivankiv.

Used global mapper to export ASCII Grid heightmap.asc using SRTM 1-arc-sec v3 online source. Then loaded ukraine OpenStreetMap (OSM) shape files.

Then shuffled through the OSM data, roads did not need reducing as they were already 5000 something but I still removed footway, path and residential anyways. Then exported areas to obj_*.shp file names separated by FCLASS type, then assigned ID/ORDER for roads and exported roads.shp, and finally exported place names and used PMC OSM Places CSV2HPP Converter to create for arma3 readable pmc_names.hpp config include file.

2022-03-07T20:11:00Z Finished global mapper assigning RGB colors to OSM shape areas.

Created brand new _run_delete_global_mapper_work_files_in_this_dir.bat which will clean up by deleting all global mapper produced work files. This is dangerous bat to run if you still have files work in progress in the dir, however once you have terrain in arma3 you can delete all the work files as all of them can be re-generated at any time.

Note: this obviously does not include the Satellite.Texture/ and Satellite.Mask/ directories with hand painted GIMP XCF images. If you lose these, they need to be re-painted, and let me tell ya... it ain't no fun.

Ran this new bat on PMC Ukraine Kharkiv global mapper dir and freed a lot of hard disk drive (HDD) space, over 50 gigabytes.

Then exported satellite mask in 4 x 4 grid tiles.

2022-03-07T21:01:00Z Finished global mapper exporting satellite texture.

Then started to GIMP clone stamp tool brush off cloud puffs.

Satellite texture tiles with clouds: A1, B3, B1, D2, D1

2022-03-07T21:20:00Z Finished fixing the clouds. Small terrain, quick to fix.

Next used GraphicsMagick to run _run_graphicsmagick_darken_and_picturemap_tiles_4x4_green.bat and _run_graphicsmagick_l3dt_8192_texture_map_tiles_4x4.bat files to prepare images for Terrain Builder.

Then did _run_graphicsmagick_convert_Sat_Mask_PNG_to_BMP_with_white_fix_4x4.bat for satellite mask images.

2022-03-07T21:39:00Z Created terrain builder project, moved heightmap, picturemap_ca etc source files there, then Terrain Processor generated obj_forest tree lines objects.

While terrain builder was importing objects I created pboProject bat and mod.cpp files. Then created arma3 addon dir for this terrain.

Then created latitude/longitude config.cpp entry.

2022-03-07T22:11:00Z Started to import satellite texture/mask.

There was no airfield here so I could skip several tool pipeline steps, which saved some time.

2022-03-07T22:21:00Z Terrain builder started to generate layers.

After that Convert Layers PNG to PAA Fast bat, Separate Data Layers for smaller PBOs. Then layers RVMAT re-pathing with moveObject.

2022-03-07T23:05:00Z Started pboProject binarization (PMC Editing Wiki: search "binarize"), we are done here Smiley :)

2022-04-07 New Editing Month

2022-04-07T00:13:00Z New editing day has started, hey one month later march seventh to april seventh heh.

Just less than half an hour ago released PMC Taiwan Penghu terrain and now read this dev diary as ivankiv is next on my tool pipeline 00.txt list. Dev diary is very short, kind of dry, nothing fun/interesting to read heh.

As usual started by checking out the terrain in arma3 to get my bearings. As road tool pipeline said roads.shp is broken, cant think of a new terrain that wouldn't heh. On heightmap roads.shp carves into the edges, still havent written down tool pipeline for this how to fix it, I did it on PMC Poland Suwalki but it was long time ago. Vegetation is still the old Terrain Processor TPP Templates setup which need to be replaced, easy task just takes a while to process.

Hmm OSM shapes for forest looked... hmm sloppy is the word that comes to mind, they are like too large too bulky, like too generic "forest just everywhere" even though there is clearly some sort of sand or light brown terrain type underneath, definitely no gree forest tree mass.

Time to get to work. Started terrain builder and imported roads.shp, then exported it right back out again, its now fixed.

PMC Ukraine Ivankiv ArmA 3 Screenshot

Then copied new terrain processor TPP CUP Chernarus files in including roads.* copy and *.LBT deleting bat files, edited and ran the roads bat file, then did small edit to the TPP and started it.

This is small 40km terrain so it should ran OK, but there was quite large forest areas so you never know, hopefully this will stay within single terrain builder objects layer size.

Terrain processor finished with 6,892,378 objects generated, not too bad.

Started terrain builder object import.

PMC Ukraine Ivankiv ArmA 3 Screenshot

And now we wait Smiley :)

Experimented a bit in global mapper how to cut roads.shp poly lines 5 meters inside the terrain grid, but other than just creating a new grid just smaller and by hand place it as close to the real as possible, no idea how to do it. This hand placing kind of feels goofy. I could not find any option to simply shrink the existing grids dimensions.

Luckily its not that important, if the roads carve 100m from the edges into the ground it wont bother me too much.

2022-04-07T01:42:00Z Object import finished, then exported WRP, saved project and exited. Ran moveObject and then started binarizing.

There is nothing on my todo list other than the roads being carved into the ground on edges, but yeah as I just explained.

2022-04-07T02:06:00Z When checked in-game arma3 roads.shp have been fixed and forest tree lines look good.

2022-04-07 Initial Release Day

2022-04-07T11:21:00Z New editing day has started, havent had breakfast yet just checked Ukraine war news and now jumped to global mapper to try to fix the roads in the edge.

PMC Ukraine Ivankiv ArmA 3 Screenshot

Still after cutting the roads.shp into 40950 instead of 40960, they seem to go outside the blue line which is terrain builder mapframe properties. Hmph.

Inspected the terrain processor road smoothing heightmap.asc and yeah it was still badly carved.

Went back to global mapper and now cut the cropped_roads layer using 40900 x 40900 user created feature grid, did the usual transformation shuffle and got roads.shp to terrain processor. Ran the road smoothing again and inspected the ASC, no more carving, YES! Smiley :D

Terrain builder imported both the new roads and heightmap_roads_smoothed.asc and everything looks superb.

PMC Ukraine Ivankiv ArmA 3 Screenshot

2022-04-07T12:41:00Z Was happy to see everything on the edges look just fine in arma3, no issue whatsoever.

PMC Ukraine Ivankiv ArmA 3 Screenshot

Not sure if my cutting method is the most suitable, I need to come up with more permanent and "better" way of cutting the roads on the edges, but at least ivankiv now has no more roads carving into the terrain edge heightmap anymore Smiley :)

After the arma3 check I was not feeling very motivated again, had to take a few hours break.

2022-04-07T18:52:00Z After this break and having a lunch was ready to get back to editing. I already sort of decided (see, how decisive I am, maybe..) that because I want to actually play arma3 for a change, tomorrow will be spent all 17hrs just playing either MP missions on windows dedicated server or perhaps some of PMC ArmA 3 Campaigns.

Overall I just need a break, editing terrains, web pages and doing these releases, its quite exhausting when you do it for 17hrs a day weeks straight.

What is the point of all this editing if you never going to play with the addons/missions you created.

Anyways back to work, and that is beginning release procedure for ivankiv.

Added pmc_ukraine_ivankiv class name to PMC "worldSize" mission pack compilation bat file, this will generate bunch of single player missions for this terrain. No PMC addons without a mission pack, that's our policy.

Then updated mod.cpp for more accurate google/maps link and made sure homepage link is correct.

Next started to create the physical release, first created bisign keys for all the addon PBOs using 1._run_sign_generic.bat file. Created readme.txt file with homepage link and date. Edited the release packing 2._run_pack_latest_release.bat file, then created the release 7-zip packet by running that file.

Then inspected the new .7z file that everything looks alright and it did. This is pretty much moot point in my release procedure because what could go wrong when a .bat file handles all the packing, but double checking avoids embarrassing mistakes.

Next became the part that I hate, taking arma3 screenshots, stupid promotion bullshit, but gotta take screenies for the lame masses. I love editing but hate all this promotional crap, I wish we had some dedicated clown handling all this useless shit Smiley ;)

Activated arma3 video ULTRA settings and launched steamshit crap client, sigh. Off to take peerdy pix for the kidz.

2022-04-07T19:27:00Z Screenshots taken. Was thinking of putting that infamous "40 mile convoy" in there somehow, but decided that nah, a simple screenshot of the roundabout without vehicles will do just fine.

2022-04-07T19:47:00Z Screenshots sorted, renamed, edited and converted.

Even though promo screenshot stuff is stupid and I'd rather be doing anything else, I was really excited right now because after ivankiv release is done its time to actually play arma3, to immerse myself into the wonderful and LARGE worlds of arma3 Smiley ;)

My mind was already racing, which MP mission I play first, etc, planning on some fixes to PMC "worldSize" mission pack, etc. heh. Okay okay, one thing at the time, we got a release to do Smiley ;)

2022-04-07T19:57:00Z Started to create the actual web php pages (technically this dev diary you are reading now doesn't exist at the moment I'm writing it right now. Uuh.. WHAT? heh).

Then it was time to move this localhost dev diary text into actual web page file.

2022-04-07T20:15:00Z Web php pages created, screenshots moved to screenshot page and now begins dev diary proof reading and link adding, uh this is another painful job, at least for my copy-paste finger Smiley :)

2022-04-07T20:45:00Z Dev diary proof read and links added. Almost there.

Then uploaded everything online and added changelog page content, took a one last look... yup, we are good to go.

2022-04-07T21:06:00Z PMC Ukraine Ivankiv v0.1 has been released! Smiley :cool:

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