Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Ivankiv ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-04-07 New Editing Month

2022-04-07T00:13:00Z New editing day has started, hey one month later march seventh to april seventh heh.

Just less than half an hour ago released PMC Taiwan Penghu terrain and now read this dev diary as ivankiv is next on my tool pipeline 00.txt list. Dev diary is very short, kind of dry, nothing fun/interesting to read heh.

As usual started by checking out the terrain in arma3 to get my bearings. As road tool pipeline said roads.shp is broken, cant think of a new terrain that wouldn't heh. On heightmap roads.shp carves into the edges, still havent written down tool pipeline for this how to fix it, I did it on PMC Poland Suwalki but it was long time ago. Vegetation is still the old Terrain Processor TPP Templates setup which need to be replaced, easy task just takes a while to process.

Hmm OSM shapes for forest looked... hmm sloppy is the word that comes to mind, they are like too large too bulky, like too generic "forest just everywhere" even though there is clearly some sort of sand or light brown terrain type underneath, definitely no gree forest tree mass.

Time to get to work. Started terrain builder and imported roads.shp, then exported it right back out again, its now fixed.

PMC Ukraine Ivankiv ArmA 3 Screenshot

Then copied new terrain processor TPP CUP Chernarus files in including roads.* copy and *.LBT deleting bat files, edited and ran the roads bat file, then did small edit to the TPP and started it.

This is small 40km terrain so it should ran OK, but there was quite large forest areas so you never know, hopefully this will stay within single terrain builder objects layer size.

Terrain processor finished with 6,892,378 objects generated, not too bad.

Started terrain builder object import.

PMC Ukraine Ivankiv ArmA 3 Screenshot

And now we wait Smiley :)

Experimented a bit in global mapper how to cut roads.shp poly lines 5 meters inside the terrain grid, but other than just creating a new grid just smaller and by hand place it as close to the real as possible, no idea how to do it. This hand placing kind of feels goofy. I could not find any option to simply shrink the existing grids dimensions.

Luckily its not that important, if the roads carve 100m from the edges into the ground it wont bother me too much.

2022-04-07T01:42:00Z Object import finished, then exported WRP, saved project and exited. Ran moveObject and then started binarizing.

There is nothing on my todo list other than the roads being carved into the ground on edges, but yeah as I just explained.

2022-04-07T02:06:00Z When checked in-game arma3 roads.shp have been fixed and forest tree lines look good.

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