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2022-03-19 New Forests Objects

2022-03-19T23:56:00Z New editing day has started, well probably not that much editing anymore, my focus is now only on releasing terrain addons.

I just finished arma3 in-game check of PMC Ukraine Donetsk, it overall looks to be good to go, except forest tree line objects are done with the old terrain processor project file which includes the small object count wasting trees, no bushes or rocks.

Copied Forest_CUP_Chernarus_2022-03-14.tpp project file from my arma3 editing source files dir into donetsk terrain builder project dir (enuff with them projects). Then edited obj_forest density from 100 to 125 and object properties MINDIST from 10 to 7, now it should be same as in PMC Ukraine Mariupol which got released yesterday (or was it 18th hmm).

Also copied _run_copy_roads_here.bat into Source/TerrainProcessor/ dir, edited it for donetsk and ran it to copy roads.* files into this dir which TPP files use.

Then just ran terrain processor using the new Forest_CUP_Chernarus_2022-03-20.tpp file.

ArmA 3 PMC Ukraine Donetsk Screenshot

That TPP generated 4.348 million objects, nice, it should make somewhat thick tree lines and still (hopefully) no issue having that many objects in a single terrain builder objects layer.

But uh oh, when I was closing terrain processor down I noticed road cleanup task was disabled, heh I am still running my CUP Vegetation testing setup here, need to quickly fix that and re-run the project Smiley ;)

So re-ran terrain processor project and now roads got cleaned from any objects. Final object count: 4.260 million.

ArmA 3 PMC Ukraine Donetsk Screenshot

Next started terrain builder object import, it was close to half an hour ETA, it surely takes a while to import few million objects, I wish this task would be more efficient, but oh well guess I can do other tasks while it imports on the background.

2022-03-20T00:45:00Z But uh oh! once terrain builder was done importing there was template library which was missing 4 objects. Argh, forgot to update templatelibs Smiley :(

So saved terrain builder project (just in case), closed it, then in windows file explorer deleted existing Source/TerrainBuilder/TemplateLibs/ dir and copied the CUP ones from PMC Github Repo Terrain Builder Template Libraries dir over using my _run_create_TemplateLibs_generic_CUP.bat file. Then started terrain builder, went through the hoops of clicking yes I want to continue loading the project even though templatelibs are missing, then removed old non-existant templatelibs (confused yet? good HAH) and finally loaded up the new templatelibs. Ugh.

Then started to import 4.260 million objects terrain processor LBT file once again with ETA half an hour or so... who ever told you terrain developing is not a waiting game, were joking.

2022-03-20T01:20:00Z Finished importing the objects.

Then did export WRP (CTRL-E), moveObject WRP re-pathing and started pboProject binarization.

2022-03-20T02:05:00Z Finished binarizing.

2022-03-20T03:12:00Z Checked arma3 in-game and forest tree lines look good now, thick with bushes and rarely appearing rocks. Looking very nice.

Unfortunately after this I fell into the burnout boredom mind goes blank mode where I couldn't get any editing done, not even to get started writing these web pages, my motivational energy was simply gone like poof Smiley :(

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