Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Donetsk ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-20 Web Work

2022-03-20T23:18:00Z New editing day has started, we continue where we left off yesterday. Would be nice to get some edits done today.

2022-03-20T23:47:00Z Created initial empty web page files for PMC Ukraine Donetsk. All links are working.

Then migrated this web development localhost directory page to this online dev diary page you are reading now Smiley :)

2022-03-21T01:40:00Z Finished editing this page, added links to all important parts which need or benefit from further explanation, searched, found, sorted, edited and converted all PNG screenshots seen in this page. Okay, dev diary for PMC Ukraine Donetsk seems to be good to go Smiley :)

2022-03-21T01:55:00Z Changelog page finished. Unfortunately I could not find any info from 2017 when this terrain was created, guess I started writing detailed changelogs later or something. Who knows there might be some info buried deep in PMC Tactical Forums but those will have to be added later, if found.

2022-03-21T02:37:00Z Screenshots taken, edited, converted and added to Screenshots web page.

Hmm whats next... took a screenshot of mission editor select terrain menu, it shows the latitude / longitude cross over world map which is kind of nice, though it would be good addition to the web page.

ArmA 3 PMC Ukraine Donetsk Screenshot

Then... started to run out of things to do, web pages all seem to be pretty solid. I am not perfectly happy with the hyper link colors, well the green perhaps fits to arma3 woodland camo pattern okay-ish but when link is highlighted it turns into blue background which is kind of... off. Hmm need to come up with better color scheme for that. Also pisses me off that Screenshots page now has satellite and that above mission editor select terrain image thumbnails different size than regular 3840 x 2160 4k thumbnails heh.

2022-03-21T05:09:00Z After a cooking food and lunch break added few more bits and bytes into dev diary web page, but yeah I definitely start to run out of things to edit. I am also proof reading, checking, testing, etc way too much, I should just wrap it up and ship it off, this ain't NASA rocket science just get it done and release already Smiley :p

Then generated bisign dedicated server signature key files for all PBOs. Next was to create the 7-zip release packet including editing pmc_ukraine_donetsk_readme.txt of course to all the latest info. That .7z packet came to pmc_ukraine_donetsk_v0.3.7z 3.56gb, heh nice size for a single terrain in tightly squeezed 7-zip archive Smiley ;)

2022-03-21T05:54:00Z Created pmc_ukraine_donetsk_v0.3.7z.torrent using qBittorrent v4.4.

Uploaded the release to our "seedbox" so to speak. Got torrent magnet link from qBittorrent and added it to PMC Tactical ArmA 3 Downloads page with file size info.

2022-03-21T06:55:00Z PMC Ukraine Donetsk v0.3 has been released! Smiley :D

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