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2021-10-27 Generating Vegetation Objects

2021-10-27T22:43:00Z Back at taiwan taichung, going to add vegetation objects now as the initial terrain processor TPP created crazy 1.16gb LBT file which failed terrain builder import heh.

Used global mapper to load transformed_areas, then separated FCLASS forest from there and deleted rest. Then exported obj_forest areas and split up them into 2 x 2 grid tiles, this way we get very small, well smaller, object layers into terrain builder and should have no problem importing them.

Moved the shape files into terrain processor dir and created TPP files for A1, A2, B1 and B2. Increased forest hectare density from 17 to 50.

Some of the task generated basically nothing, probably the above ocean ones but then ones where the mountain forests are ... generated whole lotta trees Smiley ;)

A2 which is NE corner generated 7.811 million objects... that is, do-able in terrain builder but I'd prefer it to be a bit lower, lets try that anyways.

B2 generated... heh 10.617 million objects, yikes! Well, I can try to import that... but I would not be the least surprised if it failed. Lets see what happens.

Hmm but that already comes to total objects close to 20 million hehe. Yeah I'll drop the hectare density from 50 to ... 40, maybe.

With hectare density 40 it generated A2 6.989 million and B2 9.499 million objects, ouch! Smiley :)

2021-10-28T00:45:00Z Got the objects imported to terrain builder, then exported WRP and it now has 17,022,921 objects hehe.

However while saving terrain builder project that B2 object layer saving failed, the file turned up as 3kb or something, broken down useless stub. Oh well I'll have to turn down the hectare density on that or further split up the layers. In the end though there is the terrain builder limit of roughly 20 million objects, that is the most I've managed to save into WRP before terrain builder just crashes.

Started pboProject binarization right away, want to see this monster 17 million objects in-game Smiley ;)

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