Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Penghu ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-21 Global Mapper Editing

2021-10-21T13:46:00Z Back to editing. Started to go through tool pipeline checklist from 00.txt which has a lot of stuff to edit.

In global mapper assigned colors to OpenStreetMap (OSM) shape areas.

2021-10-21T14:53:00Z Had a lunch break there and global mapper exported, hum let me list; satellite mask, satellite texture, transformed areas, roads and points, then converted points/places CSV to pmc_names.hpp ... all without writing down play-by-play's heh, oh well.

2021-10-21T17:21:00Z Finished checking out satellite texture tiles in GIMP and also painted sat_A1 ocean (as usual) and all coastline tiles, that was a real bitch for such islands terrain. Created sat_A1.png copy bat so we can generate all the ocean tiles.

2021-10-21T17:50:00Z Terrain Builder project created, source files copied into the dir.

Then Terrain Processor generated obj_forest shape objects, but those shapes were very lacking as it created pitiful 1.2k objects hehe. Did road smoothing as well.

Took a long time to get the 65.5km 1 meter / pixel satellite terrain's PGW world file written, but got them done so terrain builder import will always be effortless.

2021-10-21T20:17:00Z Started to import satellite mask to terrain builder. Its 8 x 8 grid tiles and with 65,536 or somesuch number it comes down to too small 8192 x 8192 pixel resolution per tile, that is way WAY too small, I should have exported this as 4 x 4 grid tiles which would have been 16k per tile, oh well something for the next time perhaps.

Satellite texture / mask imported, looks like a small islands on huge terrain heh.

PMC Taiwan Penghu ArmA 3 Screenshot

2021-10-21T22:39:00Z Terrain builder finished generating layers.

2021-10-21T23:26:00Z Got pboProject binarizing, things are looking good. Satellite mask needs more areas, ASCII Grid heightmap.asc coastline is messed up and objects are lacking, but within hour its in-game maybe I'll take a look at it tomorrow.

2021-10-27T22:04:00Z Back to penghu, at least a bit. Fixed latitude/longitude config which was missing.

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