Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-04-04 New Year New Problems

2022-04-04T13:21:00Z New editing day has started, actually its editing YEAR heh.

Yep it was october 2021 when I created PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung (ugh that spelling) terrain, much has happened since but now its time to get this terrain released. Todays plan is to inspect in what stage this terrain is, do any critical bug fixes and then release. I'm hoping to get this released today.

I already released PMC Ukraine Sumy just literally few minutes ago and now attacking the next terrain on the list.

Finished reading this dev diary and it sounds like usual terrain jargon, nothing out of the ordinary, to me.

As usual started with arma3 in-game check to get my bearings. Bugs/issues list did have heightmap stuff for airfields and water creeping to the land, so I'm expecting quite rough terrain condition.

When seeing terrain in arma3 first thing I noticed was that surface mask pixel resolution is probably 1024 or maybe even 512, not sure, this causes the zoomed out 2D mapview to be "mosaic" garbled, its a known arma3 bug. However changing surface mask size means a complete satellite texture/mask generate layers operation plus binarizing, its no small thing to do.

I already had listed in my 00.txt real world data terrain tool pipeline file that roads.shp needs to be terrain builder imported/exported, and indeed it was the case, roads.shp is all broken up in arma3.

There are two airfields which need runway poly lines and L3DT smoothing.

Coastline looks pretty bad currently. Its not GIMP selected accurately or that GEBCO data messes it up and water creeping into the land, its just a mess.

PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Screenshot

Luckily with my new tool pipeline for water creeping into the ground, this can be fixed automatically now.

2022-04-04T14:08:00Z Created Terrain Builder Keypoints for four airfields. Was actually surprised to see that many of them.

PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Screenshot

Next created airfield runway poly line shapes.

PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Screenshot

Then exported airfield_runways.shp shape file to pmc_taiwan_kaohsiung_data\roads\ directory next to the roads.shp file. Next used global mapper to open airfield_runways.shp, added ID 7 and ORDER 0 umm feature values to them. Exported shape file out. Then opened roads.shp and merging the two shape files, then exported roads.shp shape file out again.

Then in terrain builder imported roads.shp shape file.

PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Screenshot

Finally exported roads shape layer to pmc_taiwan_kaohsiung_data\roads\roads.shp shape file.

Fun, isn't it? Smiley :)

Next exported WRP because I need the keypoints .hpp updated for config.cpp class names{} pmc_names.hpp config file.

Then was the big step of fixing the water creeping into land heightmap.asc issue. This requires global mapper, PMC Heightmap Clipper and L3DT editing.

In global mapper dir I had no temporary work files left, only GIMP satellite texture and mask XCF source files for the tiles I edited myself, this includes clouds and coasts.

When loading the project in global mapper there was several files missing, GEBCO ocean ASC heightmap file, basic heightmap.asc too. Also this is a very odd project because there is no standard user created feature grid for the terrain area, just taiwan_kaohsiung.shp file, apparenly I had to align all the taiwanese terrains next to each other without overlap and this shape file method was the only way to keep accuracy. Don't really care for it, .shp file as terrain grid location doesn't behave the same way as the user created feature grid. But oh well what can you do.

Managed to restore working global mapper project file without errors, with the location grid present.

For the ocean coastline water creeping into land fix I need to export satellite mask images. Cleaned out OSM area shape cliff and nature_reserve types which I don't use.

Started to work on the water creep fix which is several steps using the mentioned tools. Then had to export satellite mask in 8 x 8 grid tiles setup as those are needed for the coastline selection work.

PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Screenshot

And then it was waiting game until global mapper has done exporting these tiles. Once done I continued the water fix thing, created map catalogue for the Sat_Mask_??.png images and then started the next step in tool pipeline.

PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Screenshot

It does some ... err, area, something heh dunno exactly what, I'm just following (my own) orders here Smiley ;)

Then used GIMP to open each of the coastline XCF images and equivalent Sat_Mask_??.png image, then copy-paste the blue ocean RGB color selection from XCF into PNG. This hopefully now created proper coastline mask tiles which can be used in this water creeping to land fixing thing.

At this point my editing motivation, mental energy was all time low, it wasnt physical tiring but just burnout, boredom, no will to edit. I proceeded basically as this task was already underway and had no better ideas what to do. I edit terrains because I love it, but right now my mood is like doing a dirty manual labor chore, this is not fun at all.

Was thinking about switching to play arma3 a bit, or perhaps even Farming Simulator 19 (cant do FS22 as my GPU dies on direct-x 12), but dunno as that would be a major switch in my current editing cycle, I surely wont be editing arma3 and playing farmsim the same day.

Its not fun to be in computer editing work burnout mode, but there is nothing I can do about it with COVID-19 preventing holidays etc so, I'm shit outta luck.

Global mapper finished doing that last finding areas thing... but there was few non ocean tiles, even though I did fix all the full ocean tiles. Huh what gives. Got those fixed by re-creating the map catalog file.

2022-04-04T16:19:00Z Global mapper... crashed. Oh wow, yeah I'm done here, my motivation is all time low by default and now software is crashing, yeah no thanks, I'm off to watch TV or cat videos from youtube all I care, sigh Smiley :(

(cat videos from youtube is a running joke, if you are bored beyond belief you resort to watching such shit videos with blank look on your face, when you want to explain to someone how extremely bored you are, just say "cat videos from youtube" and they'll know).

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