Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-21 Config.cpp Editing

2021-10-21T11:08:00Z Back editing taiwan stuff. Added RoadsLib.cfg from root master location using symlink.

Fixed pmc_names.hpp for class names not being UTF-8, I had a bug in PMC OSM Places CSV2HPP Converter which I fixed as well.

2021-10-28 Roads Full Of Bugs

2021-10-28T19:18:00Z Time to edit kaohsiung, bug reports list that roads are still narrow dirt/gravel type so I believe those got fixed previously today in global mapper and now I just need to pboProject binarize _data.pbo to get them in-game, so that's what I did now. Next is in-game test.

Checked in-game and yeah, dirt/gravel roads, uh whats up with that heh, ok investigation continues. Loaded roads.shp from _data addon dir into global mapper and sure enough ID was 3 which is narrow dirt/gravel road, changed it now to ID 1 which is asphalt 10m width road type. Time to pboProject binarize and verify in-game that its been fixed. In-game check shows 10m wide asphalt roads, we are all good here, another bug fixed.

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